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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! I can't open script editor for some reason. Or flowgraph for that matter. Anyone else had this problem? I've been away for some time, but last time I used Leadwerks, it worked just fine.
  2. Hello, I have recently purchased the Leadwerks game engine and Professional DLC. The DLC is installed correctly and I can see the .cpp source files in the script editor. I was about to create a few of my own classes but noticed that although I can open .cpp files in the editor I am only able to save new source files in .lua Does the built in script editor support new .cpp files, what am I missing? Cheers.
  3. Would love to see a bindable key or key sequence in the script editor to toggle comments on selected code blocks.
  4. It seems if you save a script from the editor (not the one currently active in the entity's scripts tab) parameter fields get messed up with fields from another script. No file corruption or anything like that is apparent, hopefully just a visual bug. But still. Please see the video. http://www.olbyonline.com/bin/leadwerks/ScriptEditorParamsMess.mp4
  5. Recent files are not stored for the script editor. After a restart the list is always empty.
  6. Any chance we could get some improvements to the script editor? Particular annoyances: Auto-indent: This is a huge one. I'm not even talking about intelligently increasing the indent level after "do" and decreasing it after "end"--I can do that for myself. But when we press <enter> can we at least have the new line match the indentation level of the current one? Tab size: It's a personal preference, but I think 8 is a pretty unpopular choice. If we can't have a setting for it, can we at least reduce it to 4, which is much more standard? <alt-tab> behavior: When I switch over to my browser to check the documentation and then come back to Leadwerks, the editor no longer has focus and I have to reach for my mouse. Not only that, but I have to click in the right place in the editor to get back to where I was.
  7. How do you get the output, warnings, errors, debug screen to appear in the script editor window? I have looked all through the menus and options. I am currently running steam indie version on PC Win 8.1 I had the window at some point when I first purchased in the beginning of the year. I don't recall closing a window and can't seem to be able to pull open any window from the edges of the of the script editor box as if i resized it shut. Jorn Theunissen's utube video Lua #9:Damaging the player shows the raycast output in the script editor at 8 min 40 secs shows at the top of the screen. I only have the script writing section. I am thinking of purchaseing Leadwerks Standard Edition Steam. Am I getting the same software as buying it from Leadwerks direct? Thank you in advance Capt. Kirk
  8. I'm wandering if there's a possibility to make white on black scripting? if not can it be implemented please.
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