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World Performance Statistics

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I noticed that World:GetPolyCount() doesn't exist. I think it would be beneficial to have various counters as well to help debug performance drops:


Just a few thoughts:

  • Number of draw calls
  • Number of surfaces (I guess the same as above or is that materials?)
  • Poly count
  • VRAM used by game
  • Active/total physics bodies
  • etc.

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Most of these values are printed, if you call

self.context:DrawStats(10, 10, true) [LUA]
context->DrawStats(10, 10, true) [C++]


The third parameter ("extra") set to "true" instead of the default value "false" gives more output, which includes most of the values you mentioned.

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That works great, I hope it's documented soon! Of course, the more stats the better.


However, what does total memory mean (and what is it measured in)?

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