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game jam ludum dare
Ludum Dare 37 starts in 12 hours (as I type this)


Most of you probably know (I think), but Ludum Dare is a game dev competition where you have to complete a game in 48 hours from scratch (no externals assets I think).

The JAM portion of the event is a bit more relaxed and gives you 72 hours (if my memory serves me right - I really should check the rules) You  can use external assets (I think - again I should have checked the rules before posting this right Posted Image  ).

In the past I have sometimes participated unofficially and used it as a focus point to force myself to try to do a game in very tight timescale and so be forced to jettison most of the fluff you waste your time with normally.

I think I might give the JAM (not the DARE) a go this year but probably just unofficially for my own benefit.  Don't necessarily plan to submit anything as currently I already know I will have limited time over this weekend so it just might not happen.  I suppose one outcome could be that I come up with the start of a small game I can enter into the Leadwerks Winter Tournament in just 2 days and can then either choose to submit that or continue on with my main idea.

It can be a useful event to try out something that you've never got round to before in a bit of software (e.g. Leadwerks) and to refine your workflow.

Sometimes there are also offers on software around this time which area usually highlighted on the site though I can't see any information on it at this time

As I type this the theme is currently accepting voting still.

Having a theme helps focus your mind but also think of things that might be outside your preferred area (space zombies etc.)

If anyone decides to enter, officially or unofficially then good luck.

i participated twice to ludum dare its quite nice, i would advise using some software/library you are familiar with , otherwise it will be hard to finish a game
Yep staying safe in most areas (sound effects, core software etc.) helps you actually finish something!

I like to try to progress with my skills in a particular area too.

I plan to use Leadwerks and stay fairly safe with a first person game of some sort.  I hope to refine my skills a bit in modular level creation and possibly some simple 3D asset creation.  

I forgot to mention but there are quite a few people stream their development or blog their progress so you get some good ideas of the tools people use and their workflows which can be interesting.

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