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About this blog

I'm on the verge of starting in the game making business. I'd like to share my progress and get your opinions and suggestions.

Entries in this blog


I've finished the main concept of my game "Ball Hopper", which you can play at


It was inspired by CS:GO surfing and the Impossible Game and your goal is to reach the checkpoints and get to the end. Checkpoints, for a lack of a better word aren't what you'd expect of them. They're really just points that you need to touch to be able to finish the level. Some level end points are right at the start, so would be a bit silly if you could just get to the finish and win, so that's what those are for. You don't actually respawn at those points.


This blog post is mainly to gather feedback before the end of the tournament, so let me know if you have any suggestions.


Starting a business

This is my very first blog, so I'm not sure the ins and outs of writing one. I will do my best and hopefully become better at writing them.


In the last few weeks, I have been contemplating starting a business in making games. I have done countless research on starting a business and have finally come to a point where I'm ready to begin registering the business and getting a website up and running. I have decided to write a blog on said website, which will mainly consist of dev logs on the game I will be working on. I also plan on making dev logs on YouTube, showing my progress, not only for other to see, but also for a record of what I did so I can learn from it for future projects.


My first game will be on iOS, as 3D games are just too ambitious. The plan is to make a 2D action RPG. It's not going to be as complex as Pokemon or Zelda, but will be big enough to keep my interest. A lot of people suggest making simple games first, but that doesn't interest me. I want a challenge. Hopefully running a business will kind of force me to stick with a project, instead of just making a prototype and moving on.


My first hurdle has been making the website. I've decided not to use a CMS such as Wordpress, as I have enough web experience to make my own. I want it to be customizable and I want to make it as secure as possible for when I start implementing a login mechanism with mailing lists and the sort. I have the skeleton of a website with enough visual fidelity to be released, but I just don't know what content to put in. I don't have any images to put up and I'm not sure what to write, as I haven't actually done much development work yet. I'd love to know what you guys think I should add. The website isn't public, so I can't show you what I have, but if you have any experience with this kind of thing, I'd love to hear from you.


I hope to write more blogs like this in the future, so any feedback on my writing or suggestions on starting a business would be greatly appreciated. Also, If you are thinking of starting an indie game business of your own, I'd be happy to share the info that I have gathered.

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