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LW: Prologue - Uncut Update in the works

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More stuff will come in the next version, my objective is to improve the Prologue to use as a demo for a Greenlight campaign to the next chapter. Much of the work this week (besides fixing stuff) was to detail the scenes a bit more to help you guys understand the water flood and how deep the water is.


I removed the cars of the starting area, because floating cars in that place makes no sense.



You can now even see the noisy bird (what a time to be alive!)


The water in the game is really deep, the buildings you see in the game are the rooftops and the facility that you start the game barely survived to the cataclysm.


Some additional rooms were planned for prologue but they were left out, I'll add them in the new version! So if you have already played the prologue you will have some surprises in the Uncut version.



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