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These days - Chaos



well.. recently most of things became unwelcome to our project. some were our personal problems and some were not.. anyway according to our limited time, we had to work two times harder! and we are!
the only thing makes us energetic, is to make more and more features work.
unfortunately we lost our animator too and after two weeks looking for an animator, finally I have to do animate characters by myself. in these 2-3 days I could  make a new rig template for characters and results seems good on Jasem (you know him!).
I'm currently working on some urban people, and I have to rig and animate them..
Vahid is making some more automobiles (his models may shock you!)
Mostafa is finishing a scene that I had not enough time to finish it. thanks him!
and I have one more trainee here. she is smart, slow, careless, hard working and she really loves gaming! (maybe even more than any of us!)

I can say (just a little) about coding!
after a huge gap in this part now we are trying to bring it back to current project state.
and finally our game dev blog is almost ready. (we really don't have enough time to make it under our own site)
you can read about whole project there..i9wJu-boiGk


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