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Missing Pieces



I have many projects going on, some have been going on for years, some were finished in very short time. When I got all pieces together, then projects are finished in very short time, and when some essential piece is missing, it will keep the project open until... well, until the piece is found.


I was inspired to write this blog, because today I saw many pieces come together. Not just one for one project, but multiple for multiple projects. Actually this wave started already yesterday, and today even more things came together.


Some of the big projects are:


  • Lucid: a 3D system, not exactly an OS, although it replaces many OS features. It has for example a insane fast file system, which is done on another core, so it doesn't affect the main program at all. And that file system is a database, what Microsoft planned for Windows since years, but never managed to do it. Lucid was on hold for many years, since OpenGL didn't work on all computers. Now it does, even on Intel GMA. The missing piece was to find the right 3D rendering engine, now it's clear that it's Ogre3D/BlendELF, and it might be just one after testing which one wins the low-end limbo.
  • Mimic AI: a research into reverse AI (the name Mimic AI comes from the fact that it actually behaves more like real humans (it blatantly mimics them), rather than using some intertwined logic), which I found very funny, since it was quite accurate and indistinquishable. Now I found a real application for it: the Human language, which will essentially transform spoken english into C++, Lua, BlitzMax and whatever it "knows". The knowledge database is a simple text file, but it could be a SQLite3 database also, but that's not needed yet until the size of the database grows too big to be in-memory only. The missing piece was to find a real use for Mimic AI, and also a language which can be used for any game, tutorial, documentation, etc... So that there is no need to have multiple languages.
  • Blitz3D 2.0: I wanted to have a low-end capable 3D engine, preferrably cross-platform. Ogre3D with Bullet and/or BlendELF seems to fulfill this job best. Yesterday I realized it will also fit the job as core rendering engine for Lucid. The decision for Bullet was not a simple one, and I did a lot of research into ODE, PhysX, Havok also, and Bullet came out as the winner. The missing piece here was to find a low-end engine which can also do shadows and physics.
  • A real game in LE: I found a nice team, and LE 2.32R5 is finally a
    completely bug free engine (not sure about the programmatic terrain editing yet, but I will find it out tomorrow). I also found today finally - after having searched for 3 years - an artist to make the LCP alien model. I told him a price range of 50-200€ and he snapped immediately a deal. The missing piece was to find a team which was dedicated to finish a real game, and the secondary objective to find an artist to make the alien model.

So now I have the missing pieces for 4 of my big projects. Now it's time to code :)


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Guest Red Ocktober


getting all those pieces together is sometimes the hardest part of a project...


good luck... looking forward to seeing a real game in LW...



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