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Humankind never had a chance.

They came from the skies,

like they did before,

but this time they were not our gods

- they were our fate,

or so it seemed.

We called them the Anushar, since that was the only thing we knew about them: the name of their leader.

A few of us survived, perhaps because we were weak,

and didn't appear to be a threat to them.

This is where my story begins...

Just testing the storyline for the new model I'm getting soon :)

I'm so excited about it and hope that it will be what I always dreamed of!


Now when I think about it, isn't it like a toy, which you get with a collector's edition of a game, but having it as a in-game 3D model is much more fun since you can put it in all your games and demos.


Of course there will be a game also where it plays the main role, but first I need to finish another game, and another one still after that.


Oh, this song tells a story about the great war against the Anushar too. What she calls "You" is what we know as God today, he is one of them:

But there's more to it, why he did what he did, so see you in the game! :D


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