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Natural Updates and Community Editions



What kind of mini game should I write next?  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Make your choice:

    • FPS
    • RTS
    • Atlantis crew member
    • Space Invaders 3D
    • Tower Defense 3D

Things change

and other things using those things must be updated from time to time to keep them working properly.


Leadwerks Engine C/C++ was originally designed to work only with VS 2008, but keeping GNU C++ in mind, then a few updates were made to make it work with MinGW 3.4.5. Now MinGW has been updated to support the newest C++ standard, and so a few updates need to be done in the Leadwerks Engine C/C++ headers too. But don't worry, those updates are fully backwards compatibe, so it will still work in MinGW 3.4.5.


I've fixed today a few warnings with MinGW, and a few more are still remaining, which I will fix today also. VS 2008/2010 and Dev C++ work of course too, as these are only official C++ standard related fixes.


When the official headers are updated, I will proceed with adding klepto2's new commands into a seperate community edition of the C/C++ headers, while he is maintaining the C# community edition headers.


And even after that, GameLib needs to be updated too, to give no warnings with MinGW But these will be natural updates as I fix them while I'm writing a few small example games with gamelib.


I've setup release dates for these things also:

Now I'm taking ideas what kind of other mini games you want to see made with gamelib. I've already planned a Tower Defense 3D game, but that is not so mini :)



Status update on 2011-07-25:

  • engine.cpp and engine.h are ready and sent to Josh
  • LEO was missing Body::SetForce and Body::SetTorque completely, so I added them
  • all gamelib warnings with MinGW have been fixed
  • Guess A Number game is almost ready for beta testing
  • Seems like the votes go for a mini RTS game next


Recommended Comments

I voted for "Space Invaders 3D" -

just because this post is by far your most strangest offer to date.


Your For-Tran note was still funny but more community "spreadsheets".

I consider myself a dll developer and not a lab worker here.

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You didn't vote for Space Invaders, but for RTS.


Anyway, one has to follow the majority, and not be turned down by some random individual opinions, that's the way it works. Unless you are an avantgarde artist, then you do just the opposite, which works also. So, in the end, you can do anything you want, and always find someone who likes it. As a hint: usually the rich people are avantgardists and want to pay a lot for exclusive items. They don't want to buy anything which is cheap, as they feel it's not worth enough then.

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I know "random individual opinions" as much as i know "random individual ideas". I dont mind at all if its straight and solid - i just think that too many options are kind of "bewildering".

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Controlled chaos is my Senf. I let brainstorms, ideas and inspirations come and catch them, write them down, realize them as time allows.


Then again, it's only controlled chaos for the observers, as for me it's all very structured and logical. It's the lack of information and background explanations which makes a bit more complex things look like a chaos to observers.


But I have to use the terms which the observers do, else it would be not connected at all.

And no, I'm not phychic, I'm gnostic. It's a delicate difference, the other one is for real ;)

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