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Android Progress

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Here's a brief update on the recent Android progress:


-Sound: 3D spatial sound is working on the Android with OpenAL. For some reason Google went with OpenSL on Android instead of OpenAL like the iPhone already does, not that it would have been useable on Android 2.2 anyways so we ended up having to port it over.


-Fonts: TTF font support has been enabled so it should look a bit better then the previous bitmap based font.


-On/Off/Suspend: Pause and resume by switching apps or turning the display on/off now works with the exception of sound pausing. This will be fixed in the sound driver a bit later.


-Screen layout: The programmer will be able to set the screen layout on start up with a single function call.


-Accelerometer: Accelerometer is now readable as 3 floats for x, y, z.


I'm pretty happy with the progress at this point. It was pretty slow progress getting started with the whole native code configuration, but it's looking like the new features are coming along nicely.



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