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Found 4 results

  1. --Create the graphics context context=Context:Create(window,0) local font = Font:Load("Fonts/SOTRD.ttf",36) context:SetFont(font) context:SetScale(1,1) if context==nil then return end I have this in my main.lua but how do I now change the font size ? when I change the Context Scale it changes the window , too but I only want to change the font size
  2. Hello! I recently got Leadwerks for christmas. Today i was going to import a heightmap from World Machine. I can import it but for some reason, it's very flat. i have my maximum height set to 10000 but i can only change height to 1000 at maximum. Is there any way to go past that? I'm trying to make a mountain and it needs to be very high.
  3. Hey so I have been messing around with the map changer that came with leadwerks (copied it and renamed it so I have the original still) to choose between random seed maps (initial starting areas the rest is generated) but when it tried to change maps it crashes or gives me a lua stack overflow issue. Is there something wrong with my code? Here it is. --[[ This script will act as a trigger to change the current map. Place this at the end of your map to make the player progress to the next level. ]]-- Script.mapname={} Script.mapname[0] = "" --string "Map Name" Script.mapname[1] = "" --string "Map Name" Script.mapname[2] = "" --string "Map Name" Script.mapname[3] = "" --string "Map Name" function Script:Start() self.enabled=true math.randomseed(Time:Millisecs()) math.random();math.random();math.random(); self.counter = 0 end function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed) changemapname = math.random(0,3) end function Script:Enable()--in if self.enabled==false then self.enabled=true self:CallOutputs("Enable") end end function Script:Disable()--in if self.enabled then self.enabled=false self:CallOutputs("Disable") end end
  4. Hello. I am looking at the character controller function with the leadwerks engine, and I got it all set up, but the camera height was too low. Which brings me to another point. How come in the tutorial for character controllers, it uses a map, scene.gmf, which does not come in the zip! Can someone help me with this? I am a bit of a noob to C++. Thanks in advance.
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