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Found 2 results

  1. I found a tutorial for a decent script to make a monster spawner ,but I do not need it to run upon game start as it was shown in the tutorial. I'm pretty bad at scripting but i tried to have the spawner disabled at start and tried to start it upon enabling but I am jacking something up in the code somewhere and I lack the experience to find out where. If you can help me correct my mistake I would be thankful:) Script.Target = nil --Entity "character target" Script.SpawnRate = 5.5 --float "spawn rate" Script.MaxZombies = 5 --int Max zombs function Script:Start() self.enabled = false end function Script:Enable()--in if self.enabled == false then self.enable = true self.lastSpawnTime = 0 self.counter = 0 end end function Script:UpdatePhysics() if self.counter >= self.MaxZombies then return end if Time:GetCurrent() > self.lastSpawnTime + (self.SpawnRate * 1000) then self.counter = self.counter + 1 self.lastSpawnTime = Time:GetCurrent() --create a zombie and set location, speed, and target to the player local zombie = Prefab:Load("AddOns/Zombie Character Pack/zombie1.pfb") zombie.script:Start() zombie:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition()) zombie.script:Enable() --zombie.script.Speed = 2 zombie.script.Player = self.Target end end
  2. Hello, im having trouble releasing dead enemy after some time. When i kill enemy i want body to disappear after 5 sec. I have change AI script , have no errors but it does not work. Can someone help ? Here is my code. Thanks import "Scripts/AnimationManager.lua" import "Scripts/Functions/GetEntityNeighbors.lua" --Public values Script.health=40--int "Health" Script.enabled=true--bool "Enabled" Script.target=nil--entity "Target" Script.sightradius=3--float "Sight Range" Script.senseradius=3--float "Hearing Range" Script.teamid=2--choice "Team" "Neutral,Good,Bad" --Private values Script.damage=5 Script.attackrange=1 Script.updatefrequency=500 Script.lastupdatetime=0 Script.prevtarget=nil Script.animation={} Script.animation.idle=0 Script.animation.run=1 Script.animation.attack={} Script.animation.attack[0]=2 Script.animation.attack[1]=2 Script.animation.death=3 Script.followingtarget=false Script.maxaccel=10 Script.speed=1.5 Script.lastupdatetargettime=0 Script.attackmode=0 Script.attackbegan=0 Script.sound={} Script.sound.death = Sound:Load("Sound/Characters/zombiecrawlerdie.wav") Script.sound.alert = Sound:Load("Sound/Characters/zombiecrawlerintro.wav") Script.sound.attack={} Script.sound.attack[1] = Sound:Load("Sound/Characters/zombiecrawlerswipe.wav") Script.sound.attack[2] = Sound:Load("Sound/Characters/zombiecrawlerswipe.wav") Script.removeBodyTimer = 0 Script.removeBodyTime = 5 function Script:Enable()--in if self.enabled==false then if self.health>0 then self.enabled=true if self.target~=nil then self:SetMode("roam") else self:SetMode("idle") end end end end function Script:ChooseTarget() local entities = GetEntityNeighbors(self.entity,self.sightradius,true) local k,entity for k,entity in pairs(entities) do if entity.script.teamid~=nil and entity.script.teamid~=0 and entity.script.teamid~=self.teamid then if entity.script.health>0 then local d = self.entity:GetDistance(entity) --if d<self.senseradius then -- return entity.script --else -- local p = Transform:Point(entity:GetPosition(),nil,self.entity) -- if (p.z>-math.abs(p.x) and p.z<-math.abs(p.y)) then local pickinfo=PickInfo() if self.entity.world:Pick(self.entity:GetPosition()+Vec3(0,1.6,0),entity:GetPosition()+Vec3(0,1.6,0),pickinfo,0,false,Collision.LineOfSight)==false then return entity.script end -- end --end end end end end function Script:DistanceToTarget() local pos = self.entity:GetPosition() local targetpos = self.target.entity:GetPosition() if math.abs(targetpos.y-pos.y)<1.5 then return pos:xz():DistanceToPoint(targetpos:xz()) else return 100000--if they are on different vertical levels, assume they can't be reached end end function Script:TargetInRange() local pos = self.entity:GetPosition() local targetpos = self.target.entity:GetPosition() if math.abs(targetpos.y-pos.y)<1.5 then if pos:xz():DistanceToPoint(targetpos:xz())<self.attackrange then return true end end return false end --[[ function WorldGetEntitiesInAABBDoCallback(entity,extra) if entity~=extra then if GetEntityNeighborsScriptedOnly==false or entity.script~=nil then table.insert(WorldGetEntitiesInAABBDoCallbackTable,entity) end end end function GetEntityNeighbors(entity,radius,scriptOnly) local result local aabb = AABB() local p = entity:GetPosition(true) local temp = GetEntityNeighborsScriptedOnly GetEntityNeighborsScriptedOnly=scriptOnly aabb.min = p - radius aabb.max = p + radius aabb:Update() local table = WorldGetEntitiesInAABBDoCallbackTable WorldGetEntitiesInAABBDoCallbackTable = {} entity.world:ForEachEntityInAABBDo(aabb,"WorldGetEntitiesInAABBDoCallback",entity) result = WorldGetEntitiesInAABBDoCallbackTable WorldGetEntitiesInAABBDoCallbackTable = table GetEntityNeighborsScriptedOnly = temp return result end ]]-- function Script:Start() self.animationmanager = AnimationManager:Create(self.entity) if self.enabled then if self.target~=nil then self:SetMode("roam") else self:SetMode("idle") end end end function Script:Hurt(damage,distributorOfPain) if self.health>0 then if self.target==nil then self.target=distributorOfPain self:SetMode("attack") end self.health = self.health - damage if self.health<=0 then self.entity:SetMass(0) self.entity:SetCollisionType(0) self.entity:SetPhysicsMode(Entity.RigidBodyPhysics) self:SetMode("dying") end end end function Script:EndDeath() self:SetMode("dead") self.removeBodyTimer = self.removeBodyTimer + (Time:GetSpeed()/100) end function Script:DirectMoveToTarget() self.entity:Stop() local targetpos = self.target.entity:GetPosition() local pos = self.entity:GetPosition() local dir = Vec2(targetpos.z-pos.z,targetpos.x-pos.x):Normalize() local angle = -Math:ATan2(dir.y,-dir.x) self.entity:SetInput(angle,self.speed) end function Script:SetMode(mode) if mode~=self.mode then local prevmode=self.mode self.mode=mode if mode=="idle" then self.target=nil self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence(0,0.02) self.entity:Stop()--stop following anything elseif mode=="roam" then if self.target~=nil then self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence(1,0.04) self.entity:GoToPoint(self.target:GetPosition(true),5,5) else self:SetMode("idle") end elseif mode=="attack" then self:EndAttack() elseif mode=="chase" then if self.entity:Follow(self.target.entity,self.speed,self.maxaccel) then if prevmode~="chase" then self.entity:EmitSound(self.sound.alert) end self.followingtarget=true self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence(self.animation.run,0.05,300) if self:DistanceToTarget()<self.attackrange*2 then self.followingtarget=false self.entity:Stop() self:DirectMoveToTarget() end else self.target=nil self:SetMode("idle") return end elseif mode=="dying" then self.entity:EmitSound(self.sound.death) self.entity:Stop() self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence(self.animation.death,0.04,300,1,self,self.EndDeath) elseif mode=="dead" then self.entity:SetCollisionType(0) self.entity:SetMass(0) self.entity:SetShape(nil) self.entity:SetPhysicsMode(Entity.RigidBodyPhysics) self.enabled=false if (self.removeBodyTimer > self.removeBodyTime) then self.entity:Release() end end end end function Script:EndAttack() if self.mode=="attack" then if self.target.health<=0 then self:SetMode("idle") return end local d = self:DistanceToTarget() if d>self.attackrange then --if d>self.attackrange*2 then self:SetMode("chase") return --else -- local pos = self.entity:GetPosition() -- local targetpos = self.target.entity:GetPosition() -- self.entity:SetInput(-Math:ATan2(targetpos.x-pos.x,targetpos.y-pos.y),self.speed) -- return --end end self.entity:Stop() self.attackmode = 1-self.attackmode--switch between right and left attack modes self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence(self.animation.attack[self.attackmode],0.04*math.random(1,1.25),300,1,self,self.EndAttack) self.attackbegan = Time:GetCurrent() if math.random()>0.75 then self.entity:EmitSound(self.sound.attack[self.attackmode+1]) end end end function Script:UpdatePhysics() if self.enabled==false then return end local t = Time:GetCurrent() self.entity:SetInput(self.entity:GetRotation().y,0) if self.mode=="idle" then if t-self.lastupdatetargettime>250 then self.lastupdatetargettime=t self.target = self:ChooseTarget() if self.target then self:SetMode("chase") end end elseif self.mode=="roam" then if self.entity:GetDistance(self.target)<1 then self:SetMode("idle") end elseif self.mode=="chase" then if self.target.health<=0 then self:SetMode("idle") return end if self:TargetInRange() then self:SetMode("attack") elseif self:DistanceToTarget()<self.attackrange*2 then self.followingtarget=false self.entity:Stop() self:DirectMoveToTarget() else if self.followingtarget==false then if self.entity:Follow(self.target.entity,self.speed,self.maxaccel) then self:SetMode("idle") end end end elseif self.mode=="attack" then if self.attackbegan~=nil then if t-self.attackbegan>300 then self.attackbegan=nil self.target:Hurt(self.damage) end end local pos = self.entity:GetPosition() local targetpos = self.target.entity:GetPosition() local dx=targetpos.x-pos.x local dz=targetpos.z-pos.z self.entity:AlignToVector(-dx,0,-dz) end end function Script:Draw() if self.enabled==false then return end self.animationmanager:Update() end
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