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Leadwerks Map class

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The map class handles loading of the Leadwerks .map file format. The format has not been documented because it changes frequently as new features are added. It's now on it's 28th version. However, the loader is always backwards-compatible with older versions of the format.


If you want to look at how the file format is structured, the attached code will demonstrate it.


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const int Object::PivotClass = 1;
const int Object::ModelClass = 2;
const int Object::CameraClass = 3;
const int Object::DirectionalLightClass=4;
const int Object::SpotLightClass=5;
const int Object::PointLightClass=6;
const int Object::ListenerClass=7;
const int Object::Vec2Class=8;
const int Object::Vec3Class=9;
const int Object::Vec4Class=10;
const int Object::Mat4Class=11;
const int Object::SurfaceClass=12;
const int Object::BrushClass=13;
const int Object::EmitterClass=14;
const int Object::AttractorClass=15;
const int Object::JointClass=17;
const int Object::LensFlareClass=18;
const int Object::BoneClass=19;
const int Object::TerrainClass=20;
const int Object::TerrainPatchClass=21;
const int Object::BufferClass=22;
const int Object::ContextClass=23;
const int Object::ShaderClass = 24;
const int Object::ComponentClass = 25;
const int Object::TextureClass = 26;
const int Object::MaterialClass = 27;

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I think a useful new functions for maps would be

GetCameras (returns a list of camera)

GetLights (returns a list of lights)

GetModels (returns a list of Models)



if folks need quick access to specific entity types

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