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Terrain : painting alpha brush

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Using a rock texture we can paint it on terrain.

Combining this rock texture with an alpha mask we could paint pieces of this rock texture quickly or make non linear borders.



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It's not a matter of displacement, it's like Photoshop, Zbrush and other programs when you use an alpha brush.

On terrain painting with an alpha brush you could paint in the same way as above programs using alpha brushes.

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I think I'm a little confused. The displacement map doesn't really displace (it basically allows the texture to blend in a non-linear fashion). Anyway, is this the effect you are looking for?


I sometimes use displacement maps for decals on terrain, but you can use it for ground textures too, which gives the effect in the picture:



Or is the method you are talking about more complicated?

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Ok i thaught this channel was displacement shader.And this displacement map can have many uses, that indeed would allow to draw rocks anywhere on terrain.

But i was just asking something else : a simple alpha mask when painting.

Here is another better example :



But it's a simple suggestion , nothing important.

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