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change flashlight for a lighter / zippo flame

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is there a way to change the default flashlight / torch for a light more like a zippo/lighter type of light , if that makes sense ? could i use the fire pit plane/ light instead of the flashlight.. just as if you where in the dark woods and light a zippo to see where your going with the light flickering .......if that makes sense




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You can either use the firepit light or the cage light used in the AI demo map (above the monsters door).

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On the train on my phone, so typing scripts is too painfull.


Lets start simple. The Flashlight is currently a spotlight. Use API to figure out how to make a pointlight instead.


Next is adding fluctuation to the intensity of the light. Try looking in to the firepit how that is done. In your fps script, in the update check if Flashlight is active. If so, aplly the fluctuation you found in the firepit script.


If you are really stuck let me know, and I will create a basic version for you. Also if you manage to get it working partially, post your script so that we can have a look.

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found how to change the spot light to point light,






added fluctuation lines from fire pitt lua but nothing hapens











cheers again for your help mate

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Okay I will have look at it. It is good to see you try.


You can also remove the rotation for the point light, since the point light shines in every direction.

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thanks Aggror , fpsplayer.lua dose work but only if i check the flash light on box.







problem is flash light is on at start game, where i would like the flash light off at the start of game, also if i leave the box unchecked and then turn on flash light in game with F key it uses default flash light (not the flickering zippo light)


if that makes sense, its like by checking the box im turning off or on the part you modified in the fps script ?

and is there a way to adjust light level ?

cheers again

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