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Pass command line options from editor

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I am requesting an input box or a separate tab that will allow devs to add command line arguments that will be passed to the game when launched from the editor.


This will allow us to use the System:GetProperty without having to hardcode the values into the game.

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I would still need to pass arguments to the script though. I want the editor to pass '+fullscreen' when I debug, but I don't want to have the game start as fullscreen the first time it's run. I want to have it start windowed, have the player set the screen resolution and then write it to file. Then the next run it will be fullscreen. But while I debug I want to be able to just say, ignore the games settings and be fullscreen.

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Oh, I thought you wanted to phrase arguments as concommands. I don't know what I was thinking, I'm sorry.


Yeah, I also had times where a param box would be useful. I got around this by using batches, and checking if debughostname was not nil to check if the app was running from the editor.


function LSystem:LaunchedFromEditor()
if System:GetProperty("debuggerhostname") ~= "" then return true end
return false


TBH, running fullscreen in debug is like asking your game to run as slow as possible unless you're testing shaders. I had the game always ran in a case where I could close it in case something bad happened. To make sure that my "full experience" settings didn't load when I was just testing/developing, I'd use that function up above.


Again, thought this was in the Programming section about turning properties into concommands. >>

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I give up using debug mode after I start populating levels. I just use release mode and lots of print statements.

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