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UDIM mapping and Principled BSDF materials

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Hello!  My 3D modeling/animation software just got a  cool new update.  I am curious if Leadwerks supports two features that were added to my 3D program:

1. UDIM mapping, a more structured approach to UV mapping.

2. Principled BSDF materials.  A new(ish) material standard with built-in fresnel reflections and other goodies.  I think it's also called PBR for some reason?

Thanks for your time!


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Other game engines like Unreal4 and Unity don't support UDIM mapping.  Probably because a typical game engine doesn't need 16k or 32k high resolution textures for its models.

But, I think other game engines do support PBR materials, so I wouldn't mind seeing them supported here if they're not.

I came across this, so it looks possible:

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Yep, 5.0 will use BDRFs by default with a fallback for specular / diffuse materials.

I am interested in anything advanced that pushes the limits but I can't understand what UDIM is. It looks like "wow, we can assign multiple textures to a model, this is revolutionary".

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From what I've read, UDIM mapping is not practical for real-time applications, since it's so expensive to use. Although, that was written 4 years ago, but I don't think the technology has changed much since.

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