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Command-line debugger for Leadwerks

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This by default will debug a game located at "../testgame/testgame.debug.exe".

When you start the debugger the game is automatically paused. It will stop at a random point when the pause message is received. The game will then send the Lua callstack back to the debugger. You can then type the following commands in:

  • resume
  • step
  • stepin
  • stepout
  • quit

You cannot pause the game once it resumes because the user input would block the program execution.

However, this is enough to start working on a debug adapter for Visual Studio Code. I expect my design will need a few changes to be able to talk to VSCode but that's okay.


What you see here is the format the game uses to send the callstack to the debugger and the editor. Brackets are used to denote children in a tree structure. It's actually very simple.


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