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Get bit flags without looping through all possible values?


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Let's say I have an unsigned integer I am storing bitwise flags in. I can store up to 32 possible flags.

Without looping through 64 values, is there a mathematical way I can retrieve which flags are set from the total number?:

bool flag[64] = { false };
for (int i=0; i<64; ++i)
  if ((i^2) & flags) flag[i] = true;

I expect the number of flags to be set to be fairly small, like 1-3, thus I want to avoid the loop.

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Not sure if this is what your asking? Sorry if not


	kFlag1 1 << 0,
	kFlag2 1 << 1,
	kFlag3 1 << 2

class Foo
	long 	flags;


	//set some flags
	flags |= kFlag1 | kFlag2;

	//remove flag
	flags &= ~kFlag1;

Foo::Test(long flag)
	//check flag is set in variable
	if(flag & kFlag1)

	//check flag is not set in variable
	if(!(flag & kFlag1))


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No, the problem is this code goes in a pixel shader and I don't want to go through in a loop and test each possible value when only a few of them will be true.

This might be right:

int flags = 1||4|16|256|4096|16384;
bool setflags[32] = {false};
while (flags > 0)
	int log2 = Log2(flags);
	setflags[ log2 ] = true;
	flags -= Pow2(log2);


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