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Vertex Displacement

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Vertex displacement shader I was able to put together. I mostly just did this for the sake of doing it. Has limitations that parallax doesn't, such as it only works on a subdivided surface, and is a bit slower. Each instance of it will be identical, so it's useful for things like walls where you have repeating surfaces. On the positive it pokes out from the surface, yielding some 3d to surfaces on the edges from the side view. You can grow and stretch the plane. Displacement is based on the height map, and is really sensitive. A clean heightmap is important because discrepancies will be more noticeable at higher displacement levels. Shaders don't really do collision so if the displacement is high you will walk right through it into the plane, but that can be fixed with an invisible box with collision placed around it, or putting it out of reach in your scene.




Vertex Displacement.zip

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