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Heightmap painting suggestions?

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Hi all,

So, I have the "world map" set up for a scene I want to create in LW. It's for a 2048x2048 size terrain (only about half of which is actually playable area; the rest is water or otherwise impassible). In any case, I'm trying to find ways to create at least a rough heightmap using the "world map" as a guide. Then I can get the heightmap into LW to further refine and edit.

I tried overlaying the image directly in LW as a texture, but it only scales up to 64x and due to the way LW's terrain material works, while it looks pretty cool, it doesn't really allow me to do what I want to.

I would use L3DT, which has always been a good option in the past for roughing stuff in using the Design Map and then generating a heightmap from it. For some reason their later versions lag really badly on the design map when there's an image overlay. It freezes everything up for up to 30+ seconds while it updates in the background, so I have to just sit there and wait, then paint some more.. then wait longer, etc. Needless to say, that's a no-go option.

I'm just looking for some ideas/options from people on other software options that would allow me to paint in a rough heightmap like that, which I could then export in the right format/quality for LW?

I've looked at any feasible looking option I could find on sites like "alternative to", etc, but they're either not ideal, or too expensive for my current purpose.

Thanks a bunch!

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