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Leadwerks User From Years Ago...

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Hi it's been a while. I just happened to check in because I was curious about how well this era's GPUs would perform with Leadwerks. Since back when I was active here years ago I was using an 8800GT ;) So I was curious about how it would perform with RTX cards.

So I started reading the blogs and now I have a question about the direction of the engine.  Years ago I suggested that Leadwerks try to write a plugin for Blender so that people could use Blender as Leadwerk's Editor/modeler/EVERYTHING ELSE and Leadwerks would therefore inherit all of Blender's updates in that sense. This was like 10 years ago so at the time my suggestion was rejected. But Blender has come a long way since then and has garnered a lot more respect in the professional world than it used to have. 

So I was wondering whether Leadwerks sees any potential benefits to aligning itself with Blender. Just hopping on that Blender wagon and riding it as far as it's going to take you. Because Leadwerk's main feature when I first bought it was its lighting. But is Leadwerks able to continually update it's Editor and its renderer without the man power that the legions of tinkerers and professionals within Blender community might offer it? 

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We support glTF in the new engine. The new engine will be first released as a pure programming SDK.

No one from Blender has contacted me so I am not sure what I would have to do with them.

The point of the new engine is performance. Performance is very very fast, in particular performance for VR.

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