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Posted by Admin, 11 April 2016 · 1,232 views

Dexsoft Games, producers of game content with a library of thousands of game assets, have released five new material packs in the Workshop Store.  All materials and textures are ready to use with Leadwerks, with source image files included in TGA format.

All of these can be purchased now through the links below, or through the Workshop interface in Leadwerks Editor.  See the links below for more information and additional preview images.

Sci-Fi Materials 1

Attached Image

Sci-Fi Materials 2

Attached Image

Sci-Fi Materials 4

Attached Image

Sci-Fi Materials 5

Attached Image

Sci-Fi Materials 6

Attached Image


Materials 2 only has one image where the others have example shots of all the textures.

What happened to SciFi Materials 3?
There is no #3, for some reason.