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Inspire your Players



A focus that's received a lot of attention in the world of productivity has been motivation. What motivates people and how people are motivated in turn results in all of the worlds output. By boiling down motivation we can separate all types of motivation into 2 separate and opposing psychological sources.


"Away from" motivation are ideas and situations a person is trying to avoid. For example, you don't have a job, you're running out of money and you're unsure how you're going to continue to put food on the table. The fear of not surviving motivates you to get a job and ensure your survival. You're trying to get away from the idea of not being able to survive.


"Toward" motivation consist of ideas and situations you're trying to attain. If you have a game or software, and distinct vision that inspires your motivation, every time you work to attain this vision you're working towards an idea.


What I've found fundamentally instructive about these distinctions is the quality of output based upon the inspiration for our motivation. Another word choice for these opposing forces could be "Fear" versus "Inspiration."


RTS Creator was founded on Inspiration from day 1. Every day before I put code into the machine, I take the time to recognize what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. What's the vision for this software, why is this vision great? How do I want people to feel when they're using this software?


The feelings and ideas I get from asking these questions fuels excitement, and motivation.


I want to enable people to bring their ideas to life, to get excited about the new possibilities that are now at their finger tips; to experience the awesomeness of making a world of war that consists of factions and armies of their own imagination.


This is the inspiration RTS Creator was founded upon and I hope to inspire that same inspiration in the users of RTS Creator.


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