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AI and the Innovation Gap



In the midst of my late night insomnia set on by inspiration and excitement, I read the talk “AI is possible .. but AI won't happen: The future of Artificial Intelligence” by Mark Humphrys.




This is a great read for someone interested in the current state of AI. It’s far less impressive than someone might hope, but far more realistic. In summary, when computers were invented people generally believed we had the tools to create brilliant artificial intelligence. What we misperceived was that the simpler things, such as walking and spatial navigation, have proven more difficult to create then an unbeatable chess AI.


If we can create AI that has the ability to perform fundamental tasks, like that of a toddler, it may provide the foundation for the advanced AI we so often imagine in movies.


Why I believe this is such a great read for game and software developers as well as technologist is that it also identifies the large gap between where we are today and where we’re going to be when we have true AI, which the author believes will be another one to two centuries.


If you take the time to creatively imagine what technology might need to be in place to produce true AI you could see there’s a huge opportunity for innovation.


New software’s are abstracting and automating processes that were once difficult, Leadwerks is an example of a tool that now makes tens of thousands of lines of code easily usable and accessible. As we continue to abstract and automate more complex things, we become that much closer to creating a learning machine.


The point I’m ultimately trying to make, is there’s a lot of opportunity for innovation if you can see the sky, and one of the highest goals we can hope to achieve is true AI.

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interesting subject you show up with.

Even if someone make the absolute AI, what that make of us (humans)

and for which purpose, don't you think this technology be available for public?


Sure not it will be straight to army or whatever agency, trying to take potential advance on enemies, and what if the final thinking result of that AI was like recent movies to erase the global problem definitively ?


IMO we don't need the most advanced AI to make our planet a better one,

starting by spreading resources to all would be a better beginning


Are we some god to think we can create a superior been ?

no offense, just talking

sorry for my english

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