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Top Sellers in the Leadwerks Workshop Store



These are the top-ten top grossing items in the Leadwerks Workshop Store over the last three months:

  1. Nature Model Pack
  2. SciFi Materials 1
  3. Modern Sewer Construction Kit
  4. Zombie Action Figures
  5. Old Furniture Pack
  6. SciFi Materials 5
  7. Mercenary Action Figure
  8. Morgue
  9. Strike Troop
  10. The Stalker


First of all, we can see that outdoor vegetation and rocks sells best. This is consistent with what I have seen with our DLCs and with products in the past.


We also see four character models, with the character pack selling better than single characters.


There are three environment models packs.


Finally, texture packs are actually selling. I believe this is because of our focus on easy CSG mapping, which makes good textures very useful.


All of these products are priced at roughly $10, $20, or $30. Lower prices don't seem to make up with higher volume sales, based on the data we have. In fact, the highest priced item in the store also happens to be the top-grossing.

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