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Version 4.5 Beta Update



The beta branch on Steam is updated with some fairly big changes.

  • Leadwerks Engine is now compiled with and uses Visual Studio 2017.
  • It is now compiled on Ubuntu 16.04.  I do not know yet what changes this means for the end user but I had to add some dependencies in the editor.

In addition to that, ZIP import is now working (File > Import).

The VR command set is finished and documented.  A VR project template is forthcoming.

The new vehicles are not yet ready.

Leadwerks Game Engine 4.5 will be released December 22nd.


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The VR command set is finished and documented

Is there any way to convince you that examples are worth providing, even if it's just one per "set," like the Enable/Create/Initialize functions, that covers several functions?  Examples are very valuable to me and functions like this and the Sprite set missing them makes me a little wary.  And, to be honest, it's a little frustrating trying to piece together code from minutes of forum searches with mixed results.

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