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Hi Leadwerkers ⚙️,

today I have a cool announcement to make. In the past two years I was working on the Phodex Framework, which is a set of helpful tools, utilities and systems, created to unleash Leadwerk's true power and potential, to be able to create the games I had in mind. Now, that I have released my first Leadwerks game Bladequest: The First Chapter and the Phodex Framework has proven its worth in practice, I thought it is time to share some parts of the framework, especially those I think everyone could make use of.

I step by step will release different components of the framework, some of them are free, some of them paid. The best is, the first component, the very powerful and flexible Event System is already available for free. If used correctly, it can massively improve the structure of your code and also offers you the opportunity, to build your own powerful systems upon it. For the future I also plan to produce some video tutorials to explain everything more detailed. For now you can read the documentation, that comes with each component.

The following components are planned to be released in the future:

    🔹 Advanced Animation Manager

    🔹 Advanced Debugging Functions

    🔹 Easy Raycaster System

    🔹 Helper Functions

    🔹 Input Manager

    🔹 Object Orientation for LUA

    🔹 Save & Load System

Together, those systems will massively improve your Leadwerks experience. I can't imagine working without them anymore and am sure you will feel them same once you use them.

As always stay cool and have a nice day :)

Markus from Phodex Games

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These modules you mention sound great.  Event module looks simple enough too.  Looking forward to the rest.


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