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Some Road Blocks



I've uploaded a new release last night correcting the player's pickup to be much more reliable. It should be very rare for a case in which the player is in a object and releases it causing the player to fly backward. I could have kept objects solid but that caused another can of worms. I also posted this on my OneDrive due to issues of people not being able to download it from this site.

Yesterday I was working on implementation of the power balls and the launcher. I've written a rough draft of this a few weeks ago and I had it fully working in normal player code. When I started to work on the VR version, that's when I started to run into some problems. First, I didn't like how the code was looking. It involved a lot of referencing of entities and classes. What made it hard is that the VR implementation was different from the normal players. What didn't help was after too many restarts of my application with VR enabled, the entirety of Steam would just crash. So developing for VR was very frustrating.

With Turbo coming a long, I wanted my code to work with little modification as possible. I've written a function wrapper that'll only be called if the application is ran under Leadwerks. This both will save time in replacing these functions when the time comes, and get's me used to the new functions. One thing I'd still have to fix is how Lua is implemented in the new engine. Most of the heavy functionalities are in classes which will defiantly keep self.entity for referring to the entity it's being used on. However somethings will still need to be changed and there are a lot of unknowns right now.

With that being said, I think it's safe to say it'll be best to focus on the art and assets going forward. With the amount of time I have to make these assets, I'm sure more clarification with Lua scripts with the new engine will surface, maybe even a beta to play with. But with it being Leadwerks or Turbo, they both need assets. VR mode will also be dropped for now. It'll still be there, just not fully supported. You'll need to run the app with -devmode to see the VR tab now. After the project transitions into Turbo, VR development will continue.

I shall be going back to my Linux machine with my ultra wide color calibrated monitor to work on these assets. I've created a lot of Vectronic themed stuff in the past and I'm going to go through it and see what I can savage from it. All my models are done in Blender, and I want to create all textures in GIMP this way my files can be used with free and open sourced tools. Also, if there is any Linux developers who wish to use this package, they don't have to be hit in the face with Maya and Photoshop files.

Releases will slow down, but I'll be posting screenshots of my work soon.


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