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Found 10 results

  1. I have a hard time (again) understanding new concepts. Let's start simple. If I want to add background image to the new ingame menu, where exactly I would do it in menu.lua?
  2. How painting texture in GUI without the use of widgets or painting texture[Texture:Load()] (not image[gui:LoadImage()]) in Widget:Panel?
  3. GorzenDev

    Project Release

    I decided to release the source/project for my GUIEditor. its an unfinished project and not at all optimized, although it is usable. you mite have to upgrade the source project to the latest version. written in c++. the project includes some custom gui scripts found in /Scripts/GUI/Custom. and a FileDialog i designed using widgets. GUIEditor.rar enjoy
  4. i get a Debug Assertion Failure when closing my app in C++ debugging shows the error occurs at the destructor of my class on this line: delete logTextArea; //same result //logTextArea->Release(); logTextArea is a Widget::TextArea() the debugger tells me the Expression: list iterator not incrementable. does Widget::TextArea have a bug in his destructor ? or is this error on my part somehow? i do not use any type of list in my code myself at the moment.. ------------------------------------- Solved i figured out that when releasing/deleting a Widget::TextArea you need to clear the kids list first, even when its just a blank TextArea who is not a parent of any other widget. the code below gives no assertion failure logTextArea->kids.clear(); logTextArea->Release();
  5. Hi, Seen the new GUI system in Leadwerks. And I'm wondering if it could handle accented character like in french or other languages? Done a quick check on the menu.lua and changed one item by adding a "é" symbol and it doesnt seem to be able to display it... Will it support UTF8?
  6. Having problems with my first try at getting the Leadwerks GUI code running for some menus. I got the exact code from this blog post.... http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/blog/1/entry-1714-leadwerks-gui/ and tried to run it but I get nothing. Am I missing something, did something change? I'm on the beta branch and I see no errors but I also don't see a button. I realise this is not final release but it looks like others are using it with success so any ideas what I'm doing wrong. Here is the main.lua I created from the blog post code... --Initialize Steamworks (optional) Steamworks:Initialize() --Set the application title title="$PROJECT_TITLE" --Create a window local windowstyle = window.Titlebar + window.Resizable-- + window.Hidden if System:GetProperty("fullscreen")=="1" then windowstyle=windowstyle+window.FullScreen end window=Window:Create(title,0,0,System:GetProperty("screenwidth","1024"),System:GetProperty("screenheight","768"),windowstyle) --window:HideMouse() --Create the graphics context context=Context:Create(window) if context==nil then return end --Create a GUI local gui = GUI:Create(context) --Create a new widget local button = Widget:Create(20,20,300,50,gui:GetBase()) --Set the widget's script to make it a button button:SetScript("Scripts/GUI/Button.lua") --Set the button text button:SetText("Button") --Create a world world=World:Create() world:SetLightQuality((System:GetProperty("lightquality","1"))) --Load a map local mapfile = System:GetProperty("map","Maps/start.map") if Map:Load(mapfile)==false then return end --window:Show() while window:KeyDown(Key.Escape)==false do --Process events while EventQueue:Peek() do local event = EventQueue:Wait() if event.id == Event.WidgetAction then if event.source == button then System:Print("The button was pressed!") end end end --If window has been closed, end the program if window:Closed() then break end --Handle map change if changemapname~=nil then --Clear all entities world:Clear() --Load the next map Time:Pause() if Map:Load("Maps/"..changemapname..".map")==false then return end Time:Resume() changemapname = nil end --Update the app timing Time:Update() --Update the world world:Update() --Render the world world:Render() --Render statistics context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) if DEBUG then context:SetColor(1,0,0,1) context:DrawText("Debug Mode",2,2) context:SetColor(1,1,1,1) context:DrawStats(2,22) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) else --Toggle statistics on and off if (window:KeyHit(Key.F11)) then showstats = not showstats end if showstats then context:SetColor(1,1,1,1) context:DrawText("FPS: "..Math:Round(Time:UPS()),2,2) end end --Refresh the screen context:Sync(true) end
  7. I want to make a password pad to put in some numbers. The attached picture is what it looks now, at a resolution of 1080 p. (for 1920 p the green text fits in properly) But as you can see the text is not scaled with the window, so how do I make it right? I can get the top left and bottom right of the screen as x,y vectors, but how do i calculate that the text always is inside of it ?
  8. Probably a stupid question, but I just started using Leadwerks again, and happened to stumble across classes like GUI, Button, TextButton, etc in autocomplete. Are these just leftovers of something, or are they something new? Can't find any docs on them and using them tends to give errors about shaders.
  9. Hi, I have not been able to find tutorials on making GUI's, UI's and HUD's. I want to create a very simple GUI on the main menu for my game which some text you click on starts the game, goes to the options menu, credits, or exits the game. Also, for when you hover over the text it goes to for instance, the colour red (but not entirely needed, but would be great!). I hope someone can help me out here, it would make my day EDIT: This is what it should look like (just quickly done in paint):
  10. I really want to buy the Indie on Steam right now seeing how it is on sale and having tried the demo for a bit it looks promising. But I want to really want to know how good can one make the GUI of a game using just the tools provided with the Indie version? Some games can work with almost no GUI but other games require some fairly large amount of information and buttons to be accessible at all times. I've searched the internet for tutorials and examples, but there doesn't seem to be any. Also I was rather saddened that FlowGUI is no longer being worked on seeing how that had great promise for people who have to work with the Indie version for whatever reasons. EDIT: Ok perhaps I should clarify my point. It isn't about how good in terms of aesthetics but in terms of possible different elements one can put on the screen. I figured out in theory how to create a button, checkbox, or radio button using Lua alone. But for something like scrollpanes and dropdown menus I might need to use C++ and/or GUI building plugins.
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