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Found 9 results

  1. If set collision hook to a prop, and add into it "Set collision - none" it will be get forse without collision
  2. My Card Graphics 9800 gt 1 gb. Windows 10 x 64. 4 gb ram. I appreciate any suggestions.
  3. This is a query more than anything. As I read the documentation both Script:UpdateWorld() and Script:UpdatePhysics() are both initiated by a single call to World::Update(). In fact the physics is a child of world and is always(?) invoked. So it appears that the separation is more a conceptual one rather than a functional one. The only reason I can think of is by putting all physics in UpdatePhysics then if (I'm not sure) that is invoked first you would know that all physics updates have been applied before you do any other world level checks/logic. So is that it or am I missing something important? I'm feeling rather dense today.
  4. Hello guys! After some pause decided to do some stuff with engine. But launching it from steam it crashes. Only thing what it shoes is logo. I have tried to run it from terminal but it required appID. I am running it on x64 Ubuntu. Any idea how to solve this issue? Thanks.
  5. Hi there, I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if I expect too much from Leadwerks... I built a small medivial house, just to play around. Soon I recognized that I got trouble with perfromance, very low FPS in Debug and normal run mode. So I started testing Leadwerks Performance a bit. I dont have experience with other engines, Leadwerks is the first I get my hands on. Well to move on, I rebuilt the whole house, creating models with less polygons and I also disabled most of the shadows. I posted a view screenshots where you can see my poly count and fps rate. I dont really understand why its lagging. Even if I just place a single house I get only 30 FPS. Ok the textures need some optimization but about 500 MB memory usage in summary isnt that much, even if its much for those few houses. I am a bit disappointed. How should I ever create a livley city when the performance is that bad? I searched the web for what poly counts are common and found out that 10k polygons are ok for a detailed character, for a prop its suggested to be 500 -1.5k. So 7k for a whole house really isnt much. So am I doing something wrong? Because I cannot believe Leadwerks performance is that bad. I need to add that if I decrease the resolution of my project to standart (something like 1024 x 768) it runs smoother, but for the city map I still get FPS drops and a maximum of 30 - 40 FPS which is not optimal. But still it needs to run smooth on a 1920 x 1080 resolution! I also want to add that If I activate static shadows for all the props build around the house (Planks, Lamp, Windows, etc.) the framerate is like hell. I dont think I can do something so wrong with just a single house and some textures, but I am glad if I am wrong A few more Infos: - I dont use any extra shaders - there are two point lights per house - I set the screen resolution to 1920 x 1080 - even if I export the game and run it I get 20 - 30 FPS (for the "city" map) - My specs: Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40 GHz, 8 GB Ram, Windows 7 64 Bit, Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 4G (4 GB Vram) - I use specular and normalmaps for all textures - The houses dont have an interior I really appreciate if you are able to help me. If you need some more info please tell me. I just want to make a awesome game...
  6. If you now, fast objekts skip collision check and move through other objekts. Have engine any standart methods preventing it?
  7. I believe this is a bug. When I put a pick-up code on an item (weapons collectables ect) and choose the mesh for it to represent, the (in case of the weapons) mesh chosen will show close to the pick-up mesh. Also if you have a weapon equipped then the mesh doesn't disappear when you pick up the pick-up. here is a pic of what appears with the pick-ups ( a few steps away)
  8. Hello all. So like, I've tried Leadwerks. And I find it... interesting. My biggest setbacks is lack of good, high quality learning material (and I have searched hard for it). Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places, I'm not sure. Another setback, for me at least, is that it crashes constantly on my system. And because I'm using Linux Mint, I cant report bugs. So my solution is this: Write my own game engine. I'm by no means an expert at software development, nor have I ever gone to school to learn software development. I'm an enthusiast/hobbyist programmer. I would like to adventure into game design and such. The requirements for this engine are as follows: -Must be 3D -Must use OpenGL -Must be easy to use with LOTS of documentation -Must be relatively powerful for someone of my experience level. -Single player for now. -Linux only for now (I have no Windows machines available to test on). I've used SDL, and find it fairly straight forward. OpenGL is a step up from SDL, but I doubt it will be that hard to learn. Now, my questions are as follows: -How hard would writing a game engine be? I'm expecting to have to do a LOT of work. I doubt it will be less than 300,000 lines of code. Not to mention all the dev tools I'd have to write as well. -What sorts of libraries exist to make the proccess easier? -Are there any good open source engines for Linux that I could use as a base? -How hard would physics be to implement? I want a moderate degree of physics. Like rag dolls, somewhat realistic object destruction and movement, stuff along those lines. No vehicles for now. -What sorts of file formats are easy to support and use? I'm thinking I would like to use something that blender can natively export, and targa or dds for image textures. -What sort of an environment should I be in? By environment I mean things like the OS, IDE, and other relevant things along those lines. For now I'm using Linux Mint and Code::Blocks. -What sorts of hardware would I need? I may be able to upgrade over christmas. For now I'm on a laptop with an AMD APU and Radeon HD 7420G. -What version of OpenGL would be good to use? I'm thinking OpenGL 4. Not sure if an older version would be better. I plan on spending the entire week gathering as much info as I can about the process of writing game engines. I am posting this in hopes that some experienced users can direct me in the right direction. All the best, JohnBobSmith
  9. Hello. I am fairly new to the leadwerks engine. And upon my setup of a C++ project, on the first build it came up with the error, "MyProject.cpp(2): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'engine.h': No such file or directory" I did notice a few things different when i was setting up the project properties, extra parameters, etc, but i dismissed them because i am running 2010 version. I am sure i did everything right. Can someone help me solve this bug?
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