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Found 3 results

  1. I downloaded XBOCT's Monitor from workshop. I got it working, but I wonder why it shows my HUD elements in the upper left corner of the "virtual" screen? What am I missing? Edit. Added code from the monitor --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Film Grain (Monitor) by Igor Katrich 28/02/20015 -- Email: igorbgz@outlook.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Script.camera=""--entity "Camera" Script.border_radius=2.0--float "Border Radius" Script.inflate_rect=50.0--float "Inflate Rect" function Script:Start() --Material self.material = Material:Load("Materials/Monitor/monitor.mat") self.entity:SetMaterial(self.material) --Context self.context = Context:GetCurrent() --Media self.defaultfont = self.context:GetFont() self.recellipse = Texture:Load("Materials/Monitor/Media/ellipse.tex") self.recblend = 0.0 self.digitalfont = Font:Load("Materials/Monitor/Media/digital.ttf",30) self.context:SetFont(self.digitalfont) self.digitalfont:Release() --Buffer self.buffer = Buffer:Create(128,128,1,0); local color = Texture:Create(context:GetWidth(),context:GetHeight()) self.buffer:SetColorTexture(color) self.buffer:Disable(); end function Script:UpdateWorld() self.buffer:Enable() self.camera:Show() --world:Render() self.camera:Hide() self.buffer:Disable() self.context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) --Border self.context:SetColor(1,1,1,0.2) self.context:DrawRect(self.inflate_rect,self.inflate_rect,self.border_radius,self.context:GetHeight()-self.inflate_rect*2.0) self.context:DrawRect(self.context:GetWidth()-self.inflate_rect-self.border_radius,self.inflate_rect,self.border_radius,self.context:GetHeight()-self.inflate_rect*2.0) self.context:DrawRect(self.inflate_rect+self.border_radius,self.inflate_rect,self.context:GetWidth()-(self.inflate_rect*2.0)-self.border_radius*2.0,self.border_radius) self.context:DrawRect(self.inflate_rect+self.border_radius,self.context:GetHeight()-self.inflate_rect-self.border_radius,self.context:GetWidth()-(self.inflate_rect*2.0)-self.border_radius*2.0,self.border_radius) --Rec self.recblend = Math:Sin(Time:GetCurrent()*.4)-0.2 self.context:SetColor(1,1,1,self.recblend) self.context:DrawImage(self.recellipse,self.context:GetWidth()-26-48-self.inflate_rect-self.border_radius-10,self.inflate_rect+self.border_radius+10,26,26) self.context:SetColor(1,1,1,0.5) --Text self.context:DrawText("REC",self.context:GetWidth()-45-self.inflate_rect-self.border_radius-10,self.inflate_rect+self.border_radius+10+1) self.context:DrawText(self.camera:GetKeyValue("name"),self.inflate_rect+self.border_radius+10,self.context:GetHeight()-self.inflate_rect-self.border_radius-10-25) self.context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) Context:SetCurrent(context) local color = self.buffer:GetColorTexture() self.material:SetTexture(color,0) end function Script:Cleanup() self.digitalfont:Release() self.defaultfont:Release() end I also have another question. If I want to show text, graphics etc on the wall, I just remove world:render() from the monitor script and use it to draw text etc.? What I mean to ask, is this the "right" way, or is there a better way to show text and graphics on wall, like a screen or maybe even a poster, sign etc.
  2. Hi, I have not been able to find tutorials on making GUI's, UI's and HUD's. I want to create a very simple GUI on the main menu for my game which some text you click on starts the game, goes to the options menu, credits, or exits the game. Also, for when you hover over the text it goes to for instance, the colour red (but not entirely needed, but would be great!). I hope someone can help me out here, it would make my day EDIT: This is what it should look like (just quickly done in paint):
  3. Hi, I am interested in doing a cockpit for a space type game. I will create a model in 3DS max or blender, I am just wondering how to attach it to the first person camera in LUA, would it be a similar process as adding a HUD but not with the Draw command. What I want to do is have clickable objects in the cockpit etc etc as well but that looks like it is the easy part lol... I would use C++ but I am not comfortable enough with it yet so I would prefer to use LUA... any help, I would be thank full for it..
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