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two quick questions


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1) In the default MyGame, there is a tutorial of picking up and putting things down. If you hit the left mouse button before picking up a box, you have to hit 'E' twice to pick up the object. After picking it up and dropping it, you only need to hit 'E' once to pick it up. Anyone else see this bug, is it a lua script fix?


2) Is there a lua query that will return the graphics modes available?



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For #1, I can confirm this and I have a workaround.


This block of code in FPSPlayer.lua


--Throw object if holding one
if self.carryingEntity then
  if window:MouseHit(1) then



needs to be changed to


--Throw object if holding one
if window:MouseHit(1) then
  if self.carryingEntity then


as it is, if the left mouse button is clicked, when you hit E on a box afterwards, the MouseHit(1) triggers immediately after the item is picked up, causing it to be dropped. While the above change does work around it, I think there may be some other underlying bug causing the need for this in the first place as I don't believe the mouse click should be "held" as it seems to be until that block executes.

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