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Search on Forum & Finding Specific Information

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Couple of questions


1 - How do you search these forums, I'm not finding a search ability anywhere.


2 - I am starting to work with the engine but I am trying to find specific information on how to use a FPS camera without having to go through and try to find a section of the videos or in the tutorial documents that go over this? Again, is there a way to search for specific information?


3 - I am also looking for the information on how to set up a skybox, and I crossed it I think somewhere in the videos or documents, it does not seem to be in the terrain tutorial I could have missed it.


Is there a general manual other than the coding manual? If not it is dearly needed.


Thank you!

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The search box is in the upper-right corner of the page. smile.png


These are the official tutorials:



If you go watching random YouTube videos, there is no telling who it was made by, what version it was for, or whether it works. There may be some good information out there, but it's out of my control and I can't verify that any of it works because I have no control over what people make.


Skyboxes are covered in the Scene Panel tutorial:



It's really best to go through the official tutorials, in order, as they will teach you everything about Leadwerks from start to finish.

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Thank you Josh, and yes I went through the official tutorials and oops, ok on the search I guess it does not show up unless you log in. My mistake.


Regarding finding information, here is a scenario, you go through all the tutorials, however, you want to go back and find something specific, that is where I'm running into the problem, you have to search through them and hope to find the related topic.


Perhaps an index can be made of common topics and where to find them, I hope this makes sense and it would certainly help.

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The search box will search the tutorial articles if you are on that section.


I have an idea of how the learning materials can be improved. I don't want to say it yet though because I am not 100% sure it will be better, but yeah this is something I want to improve.

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Basically, I am thinking about using HelpNDoc to create a new HTML-based and possibly CHM offline help, and to replace the help system on our site now. A few years ago we relied heavily on the IPB CMS this site runs on, and slowly I have been pulling out of that. The gallery, videos, and Workshop are now all driven by Steam and I feel like I would like to be less reliant on IPB. The only thing it brings to the table for docs is the ability for people to make comments on the documentation with their forum account, but that's not that important.

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