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Hello! I'm new... some tips?

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Hello! I'm new here, just bought this software because those mainstream ones (Unity and Unreal) were to difficult and time consuming to achieve my desired projects. I'm really excited to use Leadwerks but I don't know where to start? 
A part from the LEARN section, there are some other places to learn? Dunno... eBooks? some online course from Udemy?... I just want to start on the right path and to fully understand the basics of the engine without wrong choices!
Thanks a lot!

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10 hours ago, Art_C0de said:

Thanks a lot for the tips and for your time :) I'll try my best using this engine!
Have a nice day!

I mostly learned Leadwerks by playing about with things. There a load of bundled scripts that come with it (eg, an fps player script, door scripts, trigger scripts etc). There are also shaders to give a nice visual effect and a few materials to get you sorted.

After fiddling about with things, adding some brushes etc you'll get by just fine. There are also tutorial maps you can use to see how things work (they're added to each project automatically - just open the maps). Have a poke around with those and see how the different items interact. You'll also probably want to check out the Flowgraph Editor - a very, very useful (and dead simple) tool especially when starting out.

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