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Custom material for Pivot

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Most of my Scripts are attached to Pivots. Sometime I get lost among a bunch of pivots in scene. I try to assign material (maybe a Gun to define that Pivot being Weapon spawn) but no use.
I know I can attach script to sprite then assign material instead, but I must put code to hide every scripted sprites.
This should be greate if user can "mark" scripted pivot with his own icons

Thanks :) hope this to appear in 4.6 and 5

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I imagine that having an assignable icon to a pivot and let it be displayed in the leadwerks editor, and have the option to hide it in the runtime, or debug would be a nice feature, making spawn points, ammo supply, points that effect gameplay. The old FarCry map editor used icons to mark various items added to maps and it did make it easier to tweak the gameplay visually.

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