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Diff/Norm/Spec/parallax/roughness shader example

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Anyone has an example of this shader usage ? I mean a collection of All texture maps which can combine together on an object. which texture slot should I put those textures into ?

By the way, Is there any tutorial which shows me how to create parallax / roughness for leadwerks

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Hey man,

roughness and metallic is used in PBR, LW does not support it therefore you cant use the effect. roughness means the factor by which the light is sucked up by the surface, while metallic is the reflection value. As far as I know parallax is used as a sprite for example to make distance buildings etc. that moves itself independent from the camera like a gif. or something. I think you maybe want to use the parallax as a sort of an reflection image instead of the light, like an ambient color sheme, so its reflecting the color information instead of the light. Anyway you have to hardcode it into the sourcecode or write a shader that does that. The pre-PBR way was using an ambient occlusion texture which does the trick of the light reflection which is supported. I case you dont know, you can generate that with software from your diff. textures. I use the "insane bump" plugin for GIMP but there is better paid software. but you could give it a try for testing purposes.



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