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Vec3 Bounce Reflection

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Hi All,

I'm hoping somebody who's a bit better at math may be able to help with this. I'm trying to get math down for reflections off a surface based on the direction of the entity.

My current code which pretty much does the same thing as aligning the entity to the surfaces normal.

		auto contactnorm = tr.vNorm;
		auto rot = GetEntity()->GetRotation().Normalize();
		auto newDir = Vec3(contactnorm).Reflect(rot);
		GetEntity()->AlignToVector(newDir, 2);

I would appreciate the help.

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It is very strange that you are treating rotation as a vector. Instead you probably want to transform the vector 0,0,1 from entity to global space.

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The AlignToVector bit was due to success of the ball bouncing off with the normal of the surface as it's new direction.

Thanks. I'll try again with Transform::Vector().


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Using the direction of the surface is fine for right now and the bouncing implementation seems more work than for what it's worth. I'm probably gonna come back to this if I decide to add reflection lasers, and I think that'll be easier to implement.

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