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Hunt For Food is on the Steam Workshop!



blog-0429995001410751663.pngWell after a long time of developing Hunt For Food I finally have something you guys can play!


Along with the game I have made an instruction video that will guide you through potential encounters and show you the basics. I will also attach some written instructions to this blog. The game is rather big right now so it will take up to 4+ minutes before it is loaded.



So go Subscribe to it on the Steam Workshop and then open Leadwerks Game Player to check it out!

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Let me know if you find any bugs. Loading Checkpoints seems to crash the game sometimes so use that at your own risk!


Instruction Video -



Written Instructions -


W - Move Forward, Climb Up(climbing), Zoom In (binoculars)

S - Move Backwards, Climb Down(climbing), Zoom Out (binoculars)

A - Move Left (same for climbing)

D - Move Right (same for climbing)


E - Move Forward (climbing), Start Climbing, Start/Stop Fires, Eat, Activate Traps, Pick Up Weapon

Q - Move Backwards (climbing)


Hold Shift - Sprinting

Ctrl - Start/Stop Crouching

Spacebar - Jump, Stop Climbing


P - Pause Game

9 - Minimize/Maximize Window

0 - Increase/Decrease Window Size

Escape - Menu Screen

Enter - Save Checkpoint (use at own risk, known to crash game)


Left Mouse Click - Attack, Throw

Hold Left Mouse - Power Attack/Throw Spear

Right Mouse Click - Grab/Drop


Hold Up,Left,Right Key - Rotate Carried Item

Down Key - Turn On/Off Negative Rotation

R - Reset Building Rotation


N - Start/Stop Sleeping

T - Equip/Un-Equip Torch

F - Activate/Deactivate Parachute

Z - Start/Stop Zoom (binoculars)

Backspace - Drop Weapon


Credits -

Josh - Leadwerks Engine Developer, fixed many bugs in my game, and very useful suggestions.

Leadwerks User Shadmar - Day and Night Cycle, Grass Shader, Fire Shader, and Fog Shader! This game looks good thanks to Shadmar!

Leadwerks User Rick - Saving and Loading as well as other help.

Nobiax - Many many textures and models were used from Nobiax and he is also to thank for how good the game looks. smile.png -- http://nobiax.deviantart.com/gallery/24853853?offset=0

Leadwerks User Eric Matyas - Menu Screen Music -- http://soundimage.org/

Blendswap member DennisH2010 - Wolf model that is used throughout my game. It looks great! -- http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/24800

Leadwerks User Guppy - for showing me the wolf model, I wouldn't have found it otherwise.

Leadwerks Community - Awesome Support and Help with many issues I had throughout development! Much Thanks!


Software Used -

Leadwerks Game Engine Indie Edition 3.2 beta

Blender 2.7

MakeHuman 1.0.2

Gimp 2.8


Recommended Comments

Congratulations! I totally want to play it now once I have time! This will be a great learning tool for others as well! It was very generous of you to release this to the community, so thank you so much for that!


On top of that the amount of work you've put into it is impressive. I've followed a bunch of the videos/posts, it's just an incredible project!

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