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A bit about me & My winter tournament entry

Hello everyone!


This is my very first blog ever and hopefully it's all readable! smile.png


So, lemme introduce myself a bit

I'm Dragonfreak and my real name is Dion, i'm still pretty new to this community. (joined late spring if i recall correctly)

I study gamedevelopment, i'm in my last year (Due some school issues it took 1 year longer than intended) i already passed my exams thanks to this awesome engine! (I keep recommending it to anyone that ask for a good engine)

Currently i'm in my 5th week of my final internship, as soon i'm done here i will have my diploma and will be an official game-developer smile.png


Ofcourse i have been poking around here and there on the forums and i have joined last Summer Tournament with my exam entry; Realm of the Lamb.


Now, to get to the point of why i wanted to make this blog: My winter tournament game!


I have been struggling ever since i got noted about the tournament, to come up with an idea..

Unlike my last summer entry, i wanted to have an actual fitting theme with the tournament!

So i would be looking at something with snow, winter, cold, hot chocolate, ect..


But i wanted to give it a bit of my own twist in it.. So i came up with Space! Boy, do i love space biggrin.png

After brainstorming and bugging my wife and a friend, we came down to this little story:


My friend spammed me with all kind of wintery stuff, he came to a point he said "Evil snowman", this was as first a bit of a joke of his random train of thoughts. But then he said "Seriously tho, i want a game with evil snowmen, i don't care how or when. I want one." so this is where the first "idea" came from that will be added to the puzzle later.

When i asked my wife for some good ideas, she asked me "Why space? Why not penguins?"

So i was like: Well.. Cus space! And why not both?

And this is where the idea was born, my wife said: Cute little penguins in spaceships shooting snowballs


GENIUS! Loving it! I added the idea of my friend; Against evil snowmen! I could already imagine it all!


So, finally to the point of the actual game (Sorry it took a while haha) which has the following name:


Spinguins - The Invasion of the Snowmen

Space penguins! Who doesn't love em right? Fighting against some evil snowman? Bring it on!


The full game idea is still in development, like what kind of mode it'll be and that kind of things..

But the main idea is there! You're a little penguin, shooting snowballs against evil snowmen in UFO's (thanks to another dear friend mentioning it today).


I guess the story could evolve from the idea that the home planet of the spinguins are being attacked by these evil snowmen in UFO's and that you're going to be the saviour of your planet.


So for what kind of theme do i want to go with the models & feeling of the game? Something serious? Something just plain stupid? I have been kinda brainstorming about this aswell but already quite fast i got the idea to make it a bit Cartoony-ish.This especially embraces the idea of my wife: Cute penguins in a cute compact spaceship.


I think i'll finally round up this blog post haha, it got quite longer then i expected.. Like, way longer!

I'll try to keep some updates on my progress of the game!


Currently i have been mostly doing modeling work because as mentioned above; I'm currently still having internship atleast 4 days in the week, so i don't have all the time of the world in my hands right now. Tho, in the process of modeling these things i became more quicker and handy in doing so which resulted in better models & cutting the time it takes by atleast 50%!


I'll end this post with a few "Sneak peek" screenshots of what i have currently.


For anyone also interested; I have a trello page which i'll use to keep track of my progress and my current worked on piece of my game. https://trello.com/b/mT1jv1zi/spinguins-the-invasion-of-the-snowmen


Thanks for reading this quite large post! You're awesome, here have a cookie smile.png




Quick note: Textures are not final at all, sometimes i just added some to have a better vision on how it's shaping out

- How it all started



- It gots some arms!



- Gave it a face



- And a little cute scarf to top it off smile.png (this is not the final result, i keep that hidden for when it gets released)



There are 2 more pictures of the spaceship (More sketches, i didn't make more screenshots in the process as i was carried away by the moment)

You can find these on the trello page if you're interested smile.png


Recommended Comments

Any updates on your game? Would love to play it biggrin.png


Sorry, i totally missed this (didn't get any notifications :P) In fact it's done and just uploaded it!

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