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Devblog #2 - Release date confirmed, last level finishes up.



After going radio silent for a week I return with some really, really good news.


First and foremost, the last level of the first episode is finished, I'm currently testing it out and seeing if I can break it before I upload a beta build to steam. After a couple days of it being there, if there aren't any issues, I will be launching the game on february 10th. Yes, you can quote me on that.



I have to tell you though, making this level was not easy at all, I had so many ideas that never saw the light of day, but I hope that the way I created things work out for the better and I hope to use those scrapped ideas in the future someway.


So here's a bit of information for the last level for those of you who've been wanting to play it:


There's a way to kill the demon.

There's a way to escape without killing him.

The last level has 5 different variations depending on what you do.



It goes without saying that there are multiple endings for what happens when you finish the last level as well, but I'll leave that for you to find out.





That's it for now! I've probably already said too much so I hope you'll like what's in store for you.


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Are you embedding game analytics? It would be interesting to see what variation endings users are having.


I am indeed, not only for endings but for optional choices and other things. I will be making a few graphs and whatnot after a month or so of the game being on sale, see what I did wrong/right and use that to aid me in future projects.

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Something that is also cool to do is storing where the player is every 10 seconds. Then you can convert all those 3d vectors to a heatmap.

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