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Making Leadwerks even more better



The upcoming changes to the Steam curation process may mean we experience greatly reduced visibility in the Steam store, and I am preparing for that possibility. The plan for quite a while has been to double down on the ease of use and learning that differentiates Leadwerks from every other game development system on the market.

To that end, I have begun translating the documentation into a format that is easier to view and search. The welcome page has been done away with and will be replaced by a start page similar to Visual Studio that displays recent news, allows project selection and creation, and encourages the user to become active in the community. By default, the documentation will probably open automatically in a CHM file the first time the program starts.

We're relying much less on IPB (our community software) nowadays, and most of the website is being pulled out of that system. The gallery page, for example, now runs with no connection to the forum installation. Eventually we will upgrade the community software to the latest major version, and this move will minimize any disruption to the website.

Meanwhile, the game templates are in the planning stage. The marble platformer template is actually generating a lot of cool ideas and it could be easily repurposed to make an engaging third-person platformer game. I think this will be a fantastic introduction to game development and inspire a lot of creative variations.

The social media accounts are now adjusted to be more selective with the content they repost.

The goal is to make new users the best possible experience learning to make games. It's not enough just to have certain features, I want new users to be religiously enthusiastic when they see what they can do with Leadwerks.


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Why did you choose not to include the Steam link, especially considering the DLCs are sold there? I've also used it in the past to check the forums there though not very often, admittedly.

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It's redundant, because the store page is up in the header and is one click away from the community hub.


I also do not know to what extent we will be relying on Steam in the future.

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I've noticed some productivity software producers moving away from Steam. Artrage, Power Director, 3D Coat. They still have a Steam presents but their core activity is on their own websites.

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