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Help System Revision

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I'm not entirely happy with the output of HelpNDoc for a few reasons. It outputs a great variety of formats, but doesn't do a spectacular job of any. I hoped to use CHM for local help but these do not scale well on high-resolution displays, and the technology will not be updated by Microsoft. HelpNDoc's HTML output is okay but not great, so I started experimenting with my own HTML to get exactly the look and functionality I want.


RIght now I have a javascript-based treeview for navigation, breadcrumb links, syntax highlighting for Lua and C++, responsive design, the ability to switch between C++ and Lua documentation on the same page, and the code examples select the entire block when you click on them. There's still more work to do, but so far this is the most promising method that is giving the best results. I am not sure yet if this will be a lot of PHP files or a utility program that spits out a bunch of HTML files.






I'm going to focus on the format of the data and then I'll post a job on Upwork and find someone else to do the grunt work of filling in all the content.

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@Josh have you considered hiring from the community instead of places like Upwork?

I don't do this because it causes people to leave. I've even been on the other side of this, and I did the same thing. I don't know the exact reason why, but it is predictable. Anyone is welcome to find the job on Upwork if they wish to.

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