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The Great Halloween Game Tournament Roundup



Our most recent game tournament was a smashing success.  We had fewer entries this time, but they more than made up for it with the great quality of this round of games.  Without further ado I am happy to present the entries...

Behind Enemy Lines

Wow!  This game by burgelkat features a variety of missions from blowing up drug manufacturing facilities to sabatoging a plane.  Although the same mechanic is usually used, the action never gets old and you will keep playing just to find out what will happen next.  You may recognize the voice acting from our own Jorn Theunissen (Aggror) on the forum.  You don't want to miss this one!




Nightmare Prism

Nirvana is popular right now, and the SNES classic edition was just released.  In case that's not enough 1990's nostalgia for you, here is the excellent Nightmare Prism by AngelWolf.  Clever level design with lots of traps and well-placed enemies will keep you on your toes as you frag your way through three levels of hellish onslaughts.

The Cemetery

Third on our list of games is an explicitly Halloween-themed title with tombstones and pumpkins aplenty.  The Cemetery by Rozsoft is a short but suspenseful experience putting you into an old graveyard at night in search of your disappeared friends.  Best played late at night with the lights out!



Dread Loop

This title by member "FortifyThisMFker!" brings us back to the 90's shooter theme with a center-mounted gun and an arena of enemies.  After dispatching your foes you can select an upgrade for your weapon, health, or suit, which makes for some interesting choices.  But I've got to be honest, seeing the giblets fly is what really makes this game fun.  Try it out!



Exit Zed

In Exit Zed by mdgunn you will explore a scientific facility in search of zombies to high-five...except that the way you like to give high-fives is with your handy dandy fully automatic Bunsen burner tool (patent pending).  The game is obviously unfinished and you might stumble across some doorways leading to nothingness, but the sound effect of your trusty scientific tool alone makes this worth playing.




Available in Leadwerks Game Launcher, Dissension is another nail-biting SciFi shooter from Garlic Waffle.  Despite the cartoonish graphics, his games really frightening.  This one is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!



Sewer Survival

Garlic Waffle has gone into overtime and brought your TWO free games to play this tournament!  In Sewer Survival you play to make it out of an underground prison.  Expect clever puzzles, loads of enemies, and not a lot of hit points.



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If you have problems with some of the game launcher games throwing a Lua error related to "GetStyle" I've updated the beta branch with a fix that will prevent this.

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Thanks for the round up.  I didn't know some of these had been submitted ( I must be looking in the wrong place!).  


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  • Blog Entries

    • By reepblue in reepblue's Blog 5
      There has been some discussion regarding on how to set collision shapes for your models. For 95% of models, you should be building shapes with the Model Viewer as described here. In some cases, the model artist might want a custom shape to be made. In this post, I'll be going over how I import models into Leadwerks, and building custom shapes.
      A few notes first. I use Blender; Blender 2.79b to be exact. I haven't get got the hang of 2.80 and until the new engine's art pipeline is fully online, I don't see a use for it. Leadwerks 4 uses Blinn-Phong rendering so the PBR stuff makes no sense for Leadwerks 4. So for this, I'll be posting screenshots from 2.79b. I should also mentioned that a feature I use in my process isn't present in the Linux build of the editor, which is the collapse tool. (Tools->Collapse). Doing the collapsing via a terminal will cause the models to crash the editor. This seems to be a known bug, as you don't see that feature in the Linux editor.
      Lets say you created a tube model such as this one and you want the player and objects to go into the tube:

      If you tried to make a shape doing the Concave settings, not only it'll be really slow to generate, but the results will not be good. We could make a shape based on the wire frame, but this is a high poly model. What we need to do is make a new mesh, import both models  to the editor, collapse them both, build the shapes for both, and delete the low poly model while making the high poly read the low poly's generated shape.
      First to get it out of the way, apply the scale and rotation of the model. This will make Y forward and the scale will be (1,1,1) when you import it into Leadwerks.

      Next we need a low poly model.

      This is the same proportions as our high poly. Apply the scale and rotation as the same as the high poly. I also set the max draw time to solid, but this is optional.

      Next, name your High poly and the low poly you're going to be using for the shape appropriately.

      Now lets, export each object as a FBX. For this my high poly is going out as tube.fbx, and my low poly shape is going out as tubeshape.fbx. Here are my export settings:

      If you saved the files in a Leadwerks project while the editor was opened, the editor would have auto convert the files to the .mdl file format. Open the high poly model (tube.fbx) and first collapse it and give it any shape. (Give it a box shape to save time.) you need to assign a shape to the high poly so the mdl file is linked to a phys file. Do the same with the low poly, but you're gonna set the shape as poly mesh.

      Close the model viewer, and then go into the directory where the models are placed. We are now going to delete the box shape of our high poly, and trick it into loading the low poly shape by renaming the shape file of the low poly to be what the previous shape of the high poly was. In other words, we are making tubeshape.phy into tube.phy.


      Notice the time stamp and the size of tubeshape.phy from before being the same as tube.phy in the after screen cap. This should be your end result.

      Notice that the shape isn't sold but now a tube. Objects can go into the tube with no issues. Now, there is another way that uses limb names to generate physics automatically. However, there are a lot of issues I came across using this method such as the shape not being parented to the model when the model moved via physics or a joint. With this way, you have a custom shape, the model is optimized because it doesn't have any children nodes, and everything is clean and tidy!

    • By 💎Yue💎 in Dev Log 5
      The prototype is finished, and the mechanics of the game can be given way.  It has established a desert terrain in the form of dunes, this implies that there are no cannons or anything similar, because Leadwerks does not allow a terrain to cast shadows on that same terrain and this looks visually rare.
      So the terrain is like low-slope dunes. On the other hand, I think the texture of the terrain is already the definitive one, with the possibility of changes and suggestions on the part of those involved in this project.
      On the other hand we have taken the model of a habitat of the nasa, which certainly looks very nice. 
      The next steps, are to establish the starting point of the player, this must start near the capsule return to Mars somewhere on the map of 2024 x 2.
      And think about the first thing you should do, repair your suit? Seek a shelter? things like that.  

    • By 💎Yue💎 in The shock absorbers 2
      It's interesting that when you become an expert on something, you're not sparing any effort to see how something works, but rather you're focusing on creating something. And so everything becomes easier.
      At this point of learning there is a glimpse of a low idea of creating a game, but the secret of all this is to keep it simple and to be very clear that a game is a game, and not an exact simulation of the real world. For example anyone who has a low idea of the red planet, will understand no matter the colors of the scene that is a terrain of Mars, even if it is not very real what is transmitted, a game, that's just it.
      At this point I already have an astronaut character who runs from one place to another on a very large 4096 x 4046 terrain that would surely take a long walk. My previous prototype projects involve a vehicle, but I didn't get the best implementation prospect in that time and I always found performance problems in my machine, something that isn't happening with the character controller for a third person player. 
      As always, I think I'm a scavenger looking for game resources, that's where this community exposes links to websites with interesting hd textures, and one or another model searched on the net, but what I've greatly improved is learning to write code, I have a better workflow, writing Lua code focused on the paradigm of object programming.

      Something interesting is the system of putting rocks, all very nice from the point of implementing them. And it works very well with the character controller if you put collision in cube form.
      I've been thinking about implementing a car system, I think it would be necessary in such a large terrain, but I think it's not the time, my previous experience, involves deterioration in performance and something I think is the physics of the car with respect to the terrain and rocks that in the previous project involve deterioration in the fps. Although if you implement a car would have an option would be to remove the rocks, but I prefer not to have a car and if you have rocks. 
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