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Bladequest - Is it the best FREE Leadwerks Game?

Phodex Games


Hi Guys,

It has been very silent around Phodex Framework and my projects, but thats because I really focused on game development and nothing else. Posting stuff and creating content costs time and I was also very busy with studying. However as promised in my last entry I was working on an actual game. I tried to create a small, but quality experience including decent design, nice graphics and, at least for a one man indie game, complex game mechanics such as first person melee and range combat. If it is the yet best free Leadwerks game is up to you.

You can try it out for FREE!


About Bladequest

Bladequest is my welcome gift for you and I really would like to share my knowledge and skill to create great games from your feedback and input! To do so, I need your help! That I can achieve a game you like to play, let me know what your likings are. To do so just participate in this survey!

Bladequest is meant to show you, what I am able to do and what could be possible.  It is currently lacking some features and content, but we can build upon it, whatever we like! Join my email list to stay in touch, share ideas and craft an epic game together. Let’s do it!

Before working on Bladequest I worked on a project called Dreamdale, which I decided to cancel for the moment, as I want to go towards smaller games and Dreamdale turned out to be a pretty huge project. I most likely will use some of the ideas in one way or another. If you are interested in the project check it out here!

What next?

So after I recieved enough feedback about Bladequest and about your preferences, I can sit down and concept some ideas for cool games. I then will present them to you and we will step by step create an awesome game together. Learning from my former mistakes, I would also like to start small and slowly grow bigger, so better expect a smaller and simpler, but well-thought out game. I even though about mobile games, although I prefer developing for PC, but I will do anything I can to deliever just the best experience.


Get Bladequest - TFC NOW!

As always stay cool!

Markus from Phodex

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3 hours ago, Josh said:

Bought Gold Edition!

 Thanks man that means a lot to me! Hope everything will work as expected have fun :). Tell me, if you encounter any errors.

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This is great, cool graphics and great atmosphere

First I dont know how to draw weapon :) , r key doesnt work , i search around and didnt find any to pick up.

You can dodge the skeletons by just running around , maybe they should be more dangerous.

I would have expected to be able to close the door back , it just closes by itself when taking range from it.


This should receive the best free leadwerks game award  :) Congrats!

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First of all thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it :)

1 hour ago, aiaf said:

First I dont know how to draw weapon :)

To draw the weapon simply press "F" you can also change this in the options menu. But I guess I should add this in the tutorial.

1 hour ago, aiaf said:

maybe they should be more dangerous

Yeah I already good some critiques on this that combat is a little bit easy and repetitive. I will definitely take your objections serious and work more on the combat for my next projects. Already have cool ideas like implementing ragdoll or making it able for the player to kick the enemies away from you.

1 hour ago, aiaf said:

This should receive the best free leadwerks game award  :) Congrats!

Glad you feel that way. As you seemed to enjoy the graphics and atmosphere the most, I guess I succeeded with my goal, as for me especially the atmosphere was very important.

Stay tuned :)

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