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FBX Converter Updated



A small update has been published to the default branch of Leadwerks Game Engine on Steam. This updates the FBX converter so that the scene units (meters, feet, etc.) are read from the file and used to convert the model at the proper size. Previously, the raw numbers for position, scale, and vertex positions were read in as meters. The new importer also supports both smooth groups and per-vertex normals, so models can be imported more reliably without having to recalculate normals.

An error in the probe shader that only occurred when the shader was compiled for VR mode has also been fixed.

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I updated a project that was current before this: 85 files updated (most of this was Leadwerks returning the Grass, Plants and Trees folders and their contents after I already deleted them).  I hope Turbo will be smarter about this.  But despite that, thank you for the update.  I look forward to the bug fixes.

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