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New video finally ... free flight



Finally a video showing the free flight mode we really wanted to show at Summer Sim 2010. Thanks AD for doing an amazing job of making it all look good.






Sorry about the lack of blade-cam, LUA object reference problem. Will get it sorted.


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Sorry about the lack of blade-cam



The last one made me dizzy so no need to be sorry lol :)


Looks fantastic Flex, I have been following this for ages and it just keeps getting better.

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congratulations on this awesome video. I was absolutely stunned when I saw all those buttons and handles in the cockpit actually working. Are there any next steps to be taken for the simulation?

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excellent, your enthusiasm for helos absolutely comes through


and the flight brought back feelings of teh purity of gaming back in the day


nice music too, is it going to be in the actual game?

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@omid: The movement inside the helo? :) made me laugh I supposed technically that's mocap.



I'm really pleased that the impression of the older game comes through, very pleased. The music was just my usual hodge-podge pick of 90s Amiga demo scene and that last bit was something I composed in Reason. Anything free to use. I don't think it really goes with the theme of the game but makes for a fun little journey in a demo of what is basically a boring 14 min "sim-a-thon".


I licensed some music for the game and used that in an earlier preview movie "welcome to afghanistan" which is a little bombastic and overly epic which I felt would appeal to the US audience more and in keeping with the older sim style.




Next step is the Mk2 flight model which uses a lot of really snazzy math used in the development of real helicopters. I have a simple OpenGL test shell of a program with the flight model, I'm going to use the UpdateEntity callback to update the velocities from the flight dynamics engine. Our physics engine still has a few little bugs in it as a result of my conversion from C#.


The roads are not perfect as I'm using the shader that moves verts to terrain height but the physics are not aware so there's a cheesy fix to add.


AI mobs and the mission system is the next milestone, it's based loosely on an earlier game I worked with. Players get assigned (or select) a mission ID and when they sit in an aircraft, the aircraft entity will pass the mission ID to the avionics class which will build all the waypoints and other bits needed for the displays. It's like taking a data cartridge with you and plugging it into the aircraft.

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