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LEO 2.5 has been sent to Josh, there was a few commands missing, and a few bugs were fixed.


GameLib should be ready soon, I'm still testing the new additions to the Application class. It can get quite deep to make a simple spinning cube template, if you want to make it perfect.


For example the window size needs to be read from a config file rather than from LEBuilder, so that it is not hardcoded into the game code. I ended up with the decision to make all config, gamesave, etc... files as sqlite3 databases. It makes things more standardized, as I found out that Apache PHP5 has also built-in sqlite3 support. Since GameLib's Window class supports also a seperate viewport area which can have a different resolution than the windows/fullscreen mode, that should be put into the config.db also.


The idea behind the viewport area is that people want to play games in fullscreen mode, but sometimes their GPU is too slow to run 1920x1080 or even 1680x1050 fullscreen modes, so they can still run in fullscreen mode with a lower resolution viewport. It then also allows some GUI elements to be in full resolution.


Next comes a GameLib Spinning Cube template for LEBuilder, and after that a simple FPS template also. And even after that a simple RTS template.


I'm trying to keep GameLib as simple as possible to use, but it can be difficult at times, because it needs to stay universal, and not hardcoded for a specific game/application style. LEBuilder will help me a lot to keep things easy to understand for new users, as they only need to know how to achieve things, and not how it internally works. In the same way as I find STL easy to use, the way how it internally works is way too deep for anyone to understand. I just need concrete, compilable examples, and documentation, and it's easy to use.


And right now we got a new version of LEBuilder tested and done with ZioRed. It supports auto-quit after building a project (you have to set the flag to True in the config xml), and it remembers the last project root directory. ZioRed sent the exe and source to Josh too, so this will be included in the official SDK also.


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Now things start to get really easy :)

The most difficult part was to get the first GameLib LEBuilder template working tidy and expandable, so that it can support also bigger game projects.


Now I started to make a GameLib FPS template, which I will then simply add to the GameLib Template Pack.

So there will be always only one GameLib Template Pack, which you can then download when you see it containing new templates.


And with the new Database class, you can configure your games very easily using the SQLite Database Browser, for the parts which are not configurable in Editor. So there's no coding involved for many things in your game, but only GUI actions.

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Great Metatron.

But i presume it will only be C++ or C# and no Lua ?

Even if we can be inspire by the code and port it to Lua, something i can do now :)


Will it be some third person character controller ? I htink in something like that :


Erd person controller in Unity


I htink LeadWerks 3 with the new plugin system will allow ot make templates like that will have custom panels to

manage for example controller properties with sliders and inputs text.

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You will still need C++ with Lua, because at some point in your game development, you need more features than what the standard Lua commands can offer.


I actually had an idea today when reading other people's Lua questions, that I could add a GameLib Lua template, which includes a custom engine.exe, which then brings more commands to Lua, and also faster commands, because most of the operational code would be in C++, and you only call the commands from Lua.


The FPS template I'm making right now, will also have a TPS feature.

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Great for the TPS feature :)


Well by reading all you said about Lua that don't have all necessary commands, really makes me want to change another time fo language and go back to C++ :)

Well the engine programming for lot of parts indeed is really great and easy, a pleasure.

The tutorials from Lua to C++ are not so different, the commmands called have almost the same name.

(But that's not the subject of the blog)


I have an idea of template like some Strafox style shooter game template, but i prefer to wait for LE3 to release

the plugin feature !

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