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Found 3 results

  1. when i try to open a new project this error appears i tried to uninstall and install 2 times stil same problem (i was having black screen problem before that when i uninstall and install this error come up) Help pls (i dont use cyrilic alphabet my computer is us english) (it says lots of error when i try to create a file but is still creates and when i try to open that file i cant see anything expect darkness)
  2. I was updating a pain trigger and noticed that in the fpsplayer.lua file that the functions: Script:Hurt(damage,distributorOfPain) and Script:TakeDamage(damage) Script:Hurt will lower your health and when dead initiate the death sequence by calling Script:Kill(), BUT it will NOT set the players self.alive to false, call Script:OnHit() or Script:OnDead() Script:TakeDamage will lower your health, set your self.alive to false, call the self:OnHit() and self:OnDead() outputs but will not start the death sequence by calling Script:Kill() Fixed functions: function Script:Hurt(damage,distributorOfPain) if self.health>0 then self.sound.damage[math.random(#self.sound.damage)]:Play() self.health = self.health - damage self.hurtoffset = Vec3(math.random(-1,1),math.random(-1,1),0):Normalize()*30 local blood = {} local n=1 blood.texture=self.image.blood[math.random(1,4)] blood.intensity=1 table.insert(self.bloodoverlay,blood) if self.bloodindex>4 then self.bloodindex=1 end self:OnHit() if self.health<=0 then self.alive = false self:Kill() self:OnDead() end end end function Script:TakeDamage(damage) -- Decrease health self.health = self.health - damage; -- Call OnHit output self:OnHit() -- If health lower or equal to zero, the player is dead if self.health <= 0 then self.alive = false -- Call the OnDead output self:OnDead() self:Kill() end end
  3. Hello Everyone! I recently purchased the Indie Edition of Leadwerks off of Steam, and have been enjoying it. I noticed that I can't orbit / look around in the perspective editor, unlike the documentation says. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks. Edit: I also forgot to mention that when I try to use "Debug" mode, I only get the script editor window, and no game appears. Anyone else?
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