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Found 67 results

  1. Noticed that decals cause a lot of screen grossness on my Windows machine with a AMD RX480. This doesn't seem to be apparent with my Linux box which has a GTX 1050. I'm running Radeon Software Version 19.5.2 as my display driver.
  2. With the updated material editor in the beta, if you use the slider under textures, You'll get a white par that comes in at the same rate as the slider.. Clicking on the main viewport will make the white bar go away.
  3. If set collision hook to a prop, and add into it "Set collision - none" it will be get forse without collision
  4. When I put the .fbx in the /Models directory , it makes the editor glitching out by opening the view for this folder. It also crashes when it loads in the scene (Axcess violation). The model has no faces, just edges because I only use it for wireframe view. The topology therefore is a nightmare but for my game it should be good. It may be crashing because the fbx is odd but it shouldn't happen after all. Maybe its also the wiring up in the code (used in prefabs and loaded in game runtime) and after remodeling it without updating the fbx. sponge.mdl sponge.fbx
  5. Hello. I have a big problem. When i create at my map some decals, set render view to "Textured" and try to load another some map, my editor can be crash with message "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION". I use leadwerks 4.6 beta 😐
  6. Hello, when i use Environmet Proble and place on the map Light with "volume effect" and "Cast shadows" i get next result when this light is in the frame If i set "Cast Shadows" to "None" or i set "Volume effect" to 0.0, this bug disappears
  7. Hello. I found a bug in the skybox.Fog and other shaders overlap on the skybox. 😩
  8. Hello , I'm using the steam version, my steam nickname is therickman. I'm currently following the tutorials , but it seems there's an issue with the snap to grid function. It works in the top view , but in the other views ( left ; front ) the object does snap , but not to the grid 's grey lines ; it snaps in between...you can see it in the attached picture. Or maybe I didn't do things the right way ?
  9. This bug occurs on AI and Events.map since beta 4.5 https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtMv1SrHrjT3wi2zRj0x7H6aQedb
  10. I'm currently testing Luawerks for Linux, and I've noticed that window:FlushMouse() and window:FlushKeys() seem to not be working with Linux. This is probably well known as I'm sure X11 is hell to work with. Any idea how to remedy this in the meantime? I tried to fix this with booleans and timers, but it just delays the action.
  11. Seems that scripts cannot be attached to objects, while using Linux Mint 18.2. In the following video an attempt to attach the Spectator.lua script to a camera results in failure. This was also applied to a CSG and the TriggerChangeMap.lua, ending with the same results. https://youtu.be/ucTMUP8cZSg Edit: This morning the Leadwerks contents were verified through Steam and everything checked out. Also, started a new Leadwerks configuration directory, and project, ending with the same results. Scripts are not attachable. @Josh
  12. Each time the Edit Color settings, under the "Appearance" tab, are altered, upon restart they are reset. The colours that are selected remain while in session, but once Leadwerks is closed and then restarted, the previous, default colours return. Clearly the values are not being saved. The methods that have been tried to work around the problem are: selecting colours using the colour wheel selector, altering the data numerically in the panel, and altering the data within the colour wheel selector. All have resulted in failure. Seems that I did not change the Min and Max Brush colours in the Options. My apologies for my ignorance. lol
  13. I wrote a script that processed all top level entities. When rearranging the scene hierarchy and running the game again WITHOUT hitting the map save button it gives the wrong result. It fixes itself when you explicitly click the map save button. Video: http://einlander.duckdns.org:8000/f/32c4297246924043960b/
  14. Like the topic says I can't seem to get any of the maps to run in preview mode, that goes for the sample maps as well - such as the "AI and events" map or the "FPS controller" map. When I attempt to "run" maps in the Leadwerks editor, I am taken to a completely black "run" screen. What could this possibly be?
  15. SpEcIeS


    When using the Leadwerks engine workshop, I cannot sign in and gain access to my purchased items. Once the interface is loaded, it displays the following screenshots. The workshop will not allow any key input, therefore not allowing access to purchased items.
  16. Prefab Load Start Bug Leadwerks 4.3 CPU: AMD FX™-4100 Quad-Core Processor RAM: 8GB GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti VRAM: 2048 MB Version: 375.39 Platform: GNU/Linux Debian Jessie x86_64 Bug: When loading a prefab, the Start function does not fully work. It seems that variables are loaded, but other functions fail to operate. IE SetPosition() Below are some images displaying the different models and a prefab in the Leadwerks editor: Models and with scripts attached: Prefab: The following images show the prefab and models running in Leadwerks:
  17. Hi, I'm very new to Leadwerks and I'm not sure as to why whenever I try to launch Game Launcher or the Leadwerks Game Engine is that nothing is happening aside from a small steam pop up box telling me 'preparing first time setup installing Microsoft VC Redist?' I bought the engine today since it was on sale Computer Specifications: i5-4690 2x8gb Kingston HyperX GTX1060 3gb ddr5 Windows 7-64bit
  18. After this last update on 1-6-17 the drag/rotate/shear arrows do not show up in the perspective view
  19. When I start Leadwerks and open the script editor, the title area is off the screen:
  20. Hi, today I have a strange problem with the Leadwerks' model editor when it's displaying animation models. The animations cannot be displayed completely, just part of them. And the editor itself also has some problems, the buttons are just blank without any icons or text on them. I will show you the screenshots below. Any one has the same problem? Is that a bug? Waiting for your help. Hardware & Software of my computer: OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LeadwerksSteam edition / Professional edition Cpu: Intel Xeon® CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz × 16 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 370 Series
  21. Hello, item: Zombie Action Figures. I have purchased this item in the browser workshop of leadwerks but I can not download and install the item: message: Downloading Workshop item "674104688". Error: Item state says it's not downloaded. Error: Failed to download Workshop item. Error: Failed to download Workshop item. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, Javier
  22. http://pastebin.com/gpEi39ab this script will make a level with boxes, and spawns a camera with : http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/14615-spectator-camera/ this script attached. When you press the E key, it will generate a new level Everything should make no error, but there is a problem. The "player" spawns in the middle of the level , (most of the time) and once I even had some blocks with no colission at all. The level is generated towards any directiom (-x,x,y,-y...) but mostly not in the direction the player is facing, which makes even more problems. I have no idea at all why these things happen. Maybe the solution is easy but I dont see it.
  23. Hello, like in the tutorial the debug mode should look similar to this: But for me it looks like the attached image. The bottom tabulators "Output", "Warnings", "Errors" and "Debug" are missing. How can I enable these or maybe it's a bug? I use the actual version of Leadwerks. I'm sure that I run the game in debug mode because the main console in the Leadwerks Engine says "Debug process connected.". But nothing more. And another section doesn't exist there either. Thanks for help. Max debug_wrong.bmp
  24. I am not 100% sure if this is a bug, but the Transform:Point() function has a weird behavior for me. If it is my mistake then I am sorry and would also be glad if it can be sovled easily. This is the code I have: local direction = Transform:Point(0, 0, 10, self.entity:FindChild(0), nil) I use it for an NPC, that he is able to pick objects in the world. But my code didnt work so I tried to find the problem. After placing a small box at the "direction" vector I found out that it isnt at the transformed point, other than this it remains at the entity it should be transformed to (the "self.entity:FindChild(0)"). After that I tired to make the "Transform" function work seperatly from my npc, for testing purpose. I created a pivot and an other pivot attached to the first one. The parent pivot has the following script: function Script:Start() local direction = Transform:Point(0, 0, 10, self.entity:GetChild(0), nil) local model = Model:Box(0.05,0.05, 0.05) model:SetPosition(direction) end The direction seems to be the same as the entitys position, no matter what Vector I set in the "Transform" function (for example: local direction = Transform:Point(964, 0, 66, self.entity:GetChild(0), nil)). It does not move, but if I put the exact same code, and pivots into another project it works?? And the raycasting of my player, which is in the same scene and project, works as well. However, I also tried it creating a new map in my project but doesnt seem to work. The player has the following code for the direction: local direction = Transform:Point(0, 0, self.useDistance, self.entity:GetChild(0), nil) --self.entity:GetChild(0) is the "player eye" a pivot infront of the player Sorry if it is my fault, but I just dont know why it doesnt work, without reason??? EDIT: After some more testing I found out that setting the Transform option to the following: Transform:Point(Vec3(0, 0, 999999), self.entity:GetChild(0), nil) just works. The local space of the object seems to be extemley "sensitive". But why is this? EDIT2 (Solution): After like hours of finding the error I found it -.- I was because my npc models scale was 0.001 and not 1.0, I didnt collapsed the model in the model editor. And the Eye pivots scale was 0.001 as well. I am not sure if this is a bug or not? But I guess the local position of an object should not change, depending of its scale or am I wrong???
  25. This is pretty strange. When this collection of barrels are all close together, they appear to be casting a tree-like shadow. To the left of the barrels you can see a single one I moved out of the group, which has the correct shadow. It has to be about that far away to not render the strange tree shadow. There is also a "shadow" line that intersects the entire scene at certain angles, visible in the lower-right. This is not cast by any visual object -- I have no idea where it comes from. I am sending Josh a SVN account on our server to check out the project as this will be much faster than uploading a ZIP file. Hopefully this will be okay. The bug is in Revision 4.
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